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April 29th, 2021

Build a Thriving Work Culture with Campaign Monitoring

by Grytics

Your work culture matters.

Knowing this, you do everything you can to build a positive work culture.

You give your employees enterprise social networking tools like Workplace from Meta, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer — and you utilize those tools to run culture-building campaigns around key topics like Diversity & Inclusion.

To help you make sure your campaigns achieve their goals, we wrote this article to share a great way to monitor and manage campaign performance.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • The “wrong” way to monitor and manage your campaigns.
  • A better approach that uses new platforms like Grytics.
  • How AB InBev used Grytics to improve their campaigns’ performance and engagement.

Let’s get started!

The “Wrong” Way to Monitor and Manage Internal Campaigns

Now, monitoring and managing internal campaigns is a lot of work.

You are likely running multiple campaigns, and each utilizes a lot of content.

Your campaigns and their content touch many departments and thousands — or tens of thousands — of employees, generating countless interactions.

And if you are like most organizations, you are attempting to manually monitor and manage each campaigns’ performance.

But here’s the problem with the manual approach…

It just can’t scale to the size and scope of modern campaigns. You are spending a ton of your time and effort attempting to manually monitor and manage your campaigns, all while producing limited insights on how to improve their performance and engagement levels.

In short: It’s clear you need a better approach.

And Grytics can provide it.

How to Use Grytics to Monitor and Manage Internal Campaigns

Grytics is a new class of software platform.

Grytics integrates with your collaboration networks, automatically collects key campaign information, and makes it fast and easy to analyze campaign information. It generates actionable insights on how to improve performance and engagement for each of your campaigns.

With Grytics, you can use campaign information to rapidly determine:

  • Which of your campaigns are working.
  • How far your campaigns have reached.
  • How employees are reacting to your campaigns.
  • What type of content your employees engage with.
  • Which keywords your employees are engaging with.
  • Which departments and employees are most engaged.

To give you these insights and more, Grytics offers two core features:

Campaign Feature One: SEARCH

This feature quickly finds all posts connected to a campaign by searching for that campaign’s specific hashtag or keyword.

You can then view key metrics for that campaign, including:

  • Number of active posts using the hashtag or keyword
  • Views, reactions, and comments for those posts.
  • Engagement scores for each post, and the campaign on average.

You can also visualize your key metrics in graphs, including:

  • Mentions of the hashtag or keyword by type of post.
  • The number of posts and comments using it per month.
  • The top people who have mentioned the hashtag or keyword.
  • The top groups in which it has been mentioned the most.

You can also get really granular with your searches. You can see how your campaign performed within a specific time frame, location, department, or division. And you can also monitor who in your organization is most engaged and has become a real advocate for your initiatives.

Campaign Feature Two: BULK TAGGING

This feature collects and organizes all content and engagements related to any campaign you are running. You can give every post within a campaign the same tag, and then:

  • Sort posts and comments according to any key metrics.
  • Export all data from posts with the same tag to an Excel sheet.
  • Create a comparison table in Excel to combine your data and compare performance and engagement for different posts against each other.

In sum: With Grytics, campaign monitoring and management become much faster, easier, and more effective.

Just ask AB InBev.

How AB InBev Used Grytics to Improve Campaign Performance and Engagement

AB InBev is the world's largest brewery, deploying over 200,000 global employees.

They wanted to use Workplace from Facebook to drive a Diversity & Inclusion campaign, and to flatten their organizational structure.

Due to their size, manual methods would have never worked to manage these campaigns. Instead, they used Grytics to:

  • Collect and rank content with the #DiversityAndInclusion to gather popular ideas and best practices shared by employees.
  • Learn which content worked best for which audiences to drive future content production decisions.
  • Identify top contributors to the campaign to reward them for their engagement, and to encourage other employees to engage more.
  • Track executive interactions and influence with front-line teams, as well as their commitment to campaigns.

You can read the full case study here.

Or, if you’re ready, you can take the next step with Grytics.

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