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Facebook Groups Analytics & Marketing

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What you can do


Gain actionable insights of Groups, Posts & Members !

  • Measure your Facebook Group Performance, take decisions based on metrics, fix objectives with statistics.
  • Identify trending topics and content types in your group with post statistics.
  • Understand your targeted audience with members statistics.

Manage effectively your Groups, Posts & Members !

  • Get active and inactive, new and former members lists.
  • Engage your community with tools like the Wall of Fame.
  • Organize and track publications with our publishing tools.
  • Moderate group activity and collect feedbacks with posts & comments lists.

Get quickly reports & lists of Groups, Posts & Members !

Group Historical Data

Automatic update

Time selection & comparison

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Perfect for


  • Manage your student & teacher group
  • Follow your posts like lecture notes or assignments
  • Engage your students and alumni


  • Engage and retain your customer
  • Organize promotion and Facebook contest
  • Manage membership program



  • Archive customer problems & solutions
  • Organize customer background research
  • Follow up conversation and get feedbacks


  • Carry out a study or a benchmark
  • Collect data and conduct analysis
  • Write reports and recommendations


  • Help fundraising campaign
  • Recruit and engage members
  • Improve communication and promote events

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