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February 3rd, 2022

Consumer Goods: Create a Strong Brand, Increase Employee Engagement, and Get More Value from Your Collaboration Tools

by Grytics

The consumer goods industry is transforming - and it won’t be easy.

As McKinsey notes, over the last few years, this industry has been struggling with many disruptive trends. While COVID has created its own challenges, the ongoing pandemic is only “amplifying” these trends and “triggering an industry imperative to change”.

We wrote this blog to help you tackle these trends and make the necessary changes to stay successful in the coming years. To do so, this blog will explore:

  • Some of the major industry trends that Grytics can help you with
  • Which Grytics features can help you tackle these trends head-on
  • How Grytics helped consumer goods companies AB InBev and Coca Cola

Let’s get started!

Big Changes: Major Trends Hitting the Consumer Goods Industry

While there are many trends impacting the consumer goods industry, there are few that are most relevant to our discussion and how Grytics can help. These trends are:

  • Brand experience and customer service are more important than ever. Consumers are increasingly fickle. They now have many choices for every product, they expect high-quality and high-touch customer service, and they need a consistent brand experience that keeps them loyal to your company.
  • Consumers care more about a company’s values. Consumers want to buy from a brand that shares their values — like sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion— and they are willing to change brands to make it happen.
  • There’s a growing labor shortage. Consumer levels returned to and are exceeding pre-COVID levels for consumer goods, but there aren’t enough workers to keep up with this demand.
  • Companies are going through major digital transformations. It’s well known that a lot of consumer purchases are moving to online channels. But consumer goods companies are also using digital collaboration tools to manage their global, growing, hybrid workforces.

To tackle these trends, consumer goods companies need to take a few actions.

  • Create a strong brand with positive workers who are happy to be at your company, and who share the same values as your customers.
  • Maintain engagement, collaboration, and productivity in order to attract and retain top talent — even during a labor shortage.
  • Make good use of your digital collaboration tools — like Yammer, Workplace, and Teams — to manage your increasingly hybrid and digital workforce.

These are big actions. But thankfully, Grytics can help you bring them to life.

How Grytics Helps: Platform Overview and Key Features for CPG

Grytics is a simple platform that works with your collaboration tools. Grytics collects a ton of data about how your employees are using these tools. Then, Grytics makes it easy to analyze this data and make smart decisions and how to improve your employees’ engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Grytics gives you a few features that can help you tackle the major trends in your industry. These include:

  • Content Analytics: See how your people are engaging with different topics by analyzing how your internal hashtags are being used and responded to.
  • Member Metrics: Identify which of your people are driving your campaigns, and encourage them to help keep your teams engaged and encouraged.
  • Axes & Segments: Measure and analyze engagement metrics for different groups in your organization, for example — departments, teams, locations, and job titles.

And none of this is theory. Some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies use Grytics to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Let’s take a minute and quickly review two real-world examples — AB InBev and Coca-Cola Vietnam.

Real World Examples: Grytics Helps AB InBev and Co

AB InBev is the world’s largest brewer. They wanted to keep their 200,000+ global employees engaged, collaborative, and productive. To do so, they used Workplace from Meta as their primary platform. On Workplace, they ran multiple content campaigns around topics like Diversity & Inclusion, and they encouraged their leadership teams to regularly interact with their frontline employees.

Grytics helps them achieve all of these goals. They use Grytics to track hashtags related to content campaigns, identify and reward their top contributors, and monitor their leaders’ activities on Meta. You can read more about AB InBev and Grytics here.

Coca-Cola Vietnam also uses Workplace by Meta to connect all of their shopkeepers around the country. Their shopkeepers use Meta to post pictures of their display and merchandising, and to talk about the market trends and commercial opportunities they are seeing on-the-ground.

Grytics makes these activities better. They use Grytics to monitor conversation topics, analyze content to identify big market trends, identify the best performing displays, and distill best practices to turn into company policy. You can read more here.

In both cases — and many more — the world’s largest consumer goods companies are using Grytics to improve engagement and their bottom line.
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