"We make analytics solutions so Comms can understand their social data quickly and implement employee-retention strategies — with absolute confidence"

Grytics Team

Originating from the sparkling Champagne region in France, our global team is helping enterprises in the U.S. and around the world cultivate vibrant workplace communities with a blend of elegant and easy-to-use social networking analytics tools since 2014.


Stéphane Baudin | CEO

Stéphane is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of multiple prosperous global companies.

His success lies in seeking out and working with highly skilled teams that can transform his vision into reality.

Quentin Nichini | CTO

Quentin has rich leadership and consulting experience — from working with scrappy startups to managing established teams.

His combined mar-tech and social networking expertise allow him to develop and hone indispensable Comms solutions.

At GRYTICS, we’re on a mission to provide our customers with the tools they need to get an instant-read on community mood and turn that sentiment into actionable insights.

Get the most out of your social network data

Identify inactive members early
Improve engagement with targeted content
Connect influencers with community members