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June 22nd, 2020

Grytics allows AB InBev to leverage Workplace from Meta to encourage Diversity & Inclusion

by Grytics

AB InBev is the world's largest brewery and its headquarters are located in the city of Leuven, Belgium. It counts over 200,000 employees worldwide and operates in over 50 markets, selling beer and other beverages in more than 150 countries.

Thanks to Juan Gonzalez, Project Manager at AB InBev COPEC who is overseeing the deployment of Workplace from Meta in the COPEC region (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador).

Grytics turned out to be the perfect solution. It enables Juan’s team to ensure that the company’s leadership is sufficiently interacting with their teams and encourages their involvement in the internal engagement programs supported by the company.

Using Grytics’ powerful analytical features, Juan’s team is able to quickly and easily monitor executives’ influence and commitment, by looking at how executives interact with the rest of the company.

1- Analysing employee’s contributions with Grytics Hashtag detection

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Diversity and Inclusion are an integral part of the company’s mission and vision. Defending these causes is critical to foster a diverse workplace, improve collaboration and productivity among employees as well as reduce personnel turnover. To get the ball rolling, AB InBev is always encouraging employees to participate and get involved in a range of initiatives, especially on and through Workplace.

Grytics makes it easy to collect and rank all the hashtag-related content created and shared on Workplace, so that popular publications can quickly be identified. For example, employees can use #DiversityAndInclusion to share ideas and best practices on the topic. Grytics keeps track of hashtag activity (frequency and reach) and provides data on members using them, as well as insight on popular ideas. This often enables teams to gather great ideas and proposals which have considerable impact once implemented, to the extent where Grytics for Workplace from Meta became a genuine asset for the company.

Last but not least, Grytics helps identifying top contributors (on this particular matter) so that they can be recognized and rewarded for their involvement, which in turn makes them great Grytics ambassadors. This also encourages other employees get involved and share more.

Over time, people gradually became more sensitive to Diversity and Inclusion, enabling important initiatives to be launched quickly and connecting employees toward shared engagements.

2- Based on the analysis of how executives interact on Workplace, Grytics provides AB InBev with clear quantitative and analytical insight

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One of Ab InBev’s objectives is to flatten its organizational structure. Focusing on interactions between executives (VPs and members of the board) and their teams, the company seeks to increase employee involvement and engagement by making them feel recognized and listened to, regardless of their position in the company.

With a clear and comprehensive dashboard allowing for flexible segmentation, it is easy to analyse the insight provided by Grytics. The feedback it offers can then be used to fine-tune their Workplace activity (frequency and type of content shared) and helps them understand which type of content performs best.

Based on metrics delivered by Grytics, the company’s executives are ranked weekly in a playful manner according to their Workplace activity. By introducing gamification dynamics to Workplace, Grytics adds an incentive for executives to spend time on the platform and to be active users on the top of their game.


The detailed report generated automatically and shared weekly with the company’s executives enables them to compare their impact on the workforce, to identify and discuss areas in need of improvement and to foster collaboration within teams knowing where each one performs best.

This evergreen process makes communication easier and more efficient between top management and its employees, playing a decisive role in helping Ab InBev to reach their flat organization objectives.

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