How to Maintain Team Cohesion When Everyone is Working Remotely?
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March 13th, 2024

How to Maintain Team Cohesion When Everyone is Working Remotely?

by Justine

Preserving team spirit and maintaining a sense of belonging can seem like an important challenge. However, it is entirely possible to strengthen ties between colleagues, even from miles apart. This article explores various strategies for cultivating strong team cohesion in a decentralized work environment.

Extraordinary Virtual Meetings

Far from being mere spaces for information exchange, virtual meetings can transform into privileged moments of sharing and relaxation. Organizing online morning coffees where everyone shares their mood, or a personal anecdote can break the ice and start the day on a positive note. Similarly, virtual brainstorming sessions, where ideas flow without judgment, can stimulate creativity and reinforce the feeling of belonging to a cohesive and dynamic group.

Remote Team Building: Beyond the Screens

Team building activities are not exclusive to in-person meetings. Online games, such as personalized quizzes on company culture or virtual escape rooms, can prove to be powerful tools for creating connections. These shared moments of free time not only provide entertainment but also allow for the discovery of each other's personalities beyond the professional setting.

Innovating in Communication Means

Now email reigns supreme, exploring other communication channels can inject a dose of novelty into daily interactions. Instant messaging platforms, internal forums, or even social media groups dedicated to non-work-related topics can encourage informal exchanges, essential for building an inclusive and warm company culture.

Weekly Challenges

Introducing weekly challenges within the team encourages active participation and keeps everyone engaged. These challenges could be as varied as capturing the sunrise in photography or solving puzzles. The important thing is to choose activities accessible to everyone, regardless of geographical location. The key to success lies in implementing a points and rewards system, creating a playful atmosphere. Sharing the results and experiences of these challenges during weekly team meetings can become a highly anticipated moment, reinforcing the sense of team belonging.

Shared Virtual Workspaces

Creating shared virtual workspaces simulates the office environment, allowing team members to feel less isolated. This can be achieved using software that replicates a virtual office, where everyone can "see" others work, share a break moment, or discuss a project in real-time. The advantage of these spaces lies in their flexibility: they can be customized according to the team's needs, including meeting rooms for brainstorming or informal discussions. This transparency and visibility contribute to maintaining a high level of trust and facilitating spontaneous collaboration.

Remote work should not be a barrier to team cohesion. On the contrary, it offers the opportunity to reinvent professional interactions and strengthen ties between colleagues through original and inclusive initiatives. Share with us the activities and strategies that have marked a turning point in the dynamics of their own team.

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