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August 14th, 2020

10X New Employee Satisfaction with Analytics-Powered Onboarding

by Grytics
Maximizing employee satisfaction during onboarding is essential for increasing new hire retention rates (and ensuring a healthy hiring ROI). Your enterprise social networks (ESNs) are invaluable for quickly getting recruits up to speed - from creating dedicated onboarding groups to providing live training videos and always - on tutorials. Additionally, your ESN data is a goldmine for seeing how recruits are settling in - by their reactions, likes, and comments. But how do you know if employees are satisfied? As they work through onboarding, do they picture a future with your company - a place where they can learn and grow? That’s where powering your onboarding with analytics comes in.

Measure onboarding engagement in real-time

Given that high employee engagement can reduce turnover by 59%, measuring new employee engagement from the outset makes sense. As new employees navigate the onboarding process, understanding the work preparation strategy’s effectiveness allows you to make adjustments to the training as needed and quickly. Running a real-time analysis of employee engagement (e.g., reactions, comments, and questions within the onboarding group) allows you to measure employee interactions at various levels within the organization and provides insights to help you steer the onboarding process. At any time, you can get a clear, instant picture of how your new hires are progressing with onboarding and integrating into the work community.

Understand new employee sentiment 

One of the more challenging aspects of onboarding is knowing how recruits feel about the training and their role in the work environment. Your ESN data can show you how they interact with the training materials, the other recruits, team members, and department managers. With an analytics tool, you can get an instant-read on new hire sentiment by tracking the network data. In a few clicks, you’ll know who’s contributing, who needs encouragement, and the general mood of the onboarding group (based on search keywords).

Support new employees with community 

Supporting new employees to ensure their success consists of more than just checking in on their progress. It requires rallying around them, so they feel part of a vibrant work community. Team members and middle managers that coach and mentor new employees improve the new hire’s onboarding experience Analytics will help department managers understand a new team member’s progress and how they can contribute to their success. That includes providing feedback on completed tasks, encouraging group members to interact with their new teammates, and recognizing early achievements. You can also identify the need for additional training and information in real-time and point employees to the most relevant posts. That way, you’re giving them valuable information as they need it.

Take the guesswork out of new employee satisfaction 

Hoping that the group of new hires (that you’ve spent weeks recruiting) are happy in their new position becomes a crapshoot if all you have to go on are ESN likes, comments, and “Let me know if you need anything” messages. Having analytics tools in your arsenal allows you to nurture your new hires - to understand their ‘mood’ early on, provide both community and individual support, and make them feel welcome -- all with just a few clicks.


Don’t leave your onboarding to chance. Use analytics tools to monitor new employee satisfaction, understand how they’re doing, and provide support.

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