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Use cases

Optimize the time you spend moderating your group.

You can not spend all day long keeping an eye on your group for moderation purposes. You also want your posts to have a maximum number of views as soon as you post it.

So you need to be present at the right time to interact with your group.

Using posts and comments distribution, Grytics makes it possible to know when posting and commenting happen.

You can then schedule your moderation and posting hours and days to get a maximum impact for your publications.

Find out the the content that engages your community.

When you’re running a group, one of your main concern is to deliver a content of great quality that gets the community interested and creates interactions.

Grytics gives you a ranking of all group posts based on the engagement they generate. So you can benchmark easily your posts and to rank them to understand which topic, picture, video is making your community react and interact.

So it takes a few clicks to know what type of content really engages your community.

You can even compare engagement on posts accross different time ranges in order to check the evolution.

If you want to run a deeper analyzis on the content within your group, you can also export the list of all posts and comments.