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Use cases

Keep your members on board.

As a company, a coach or a freelance you have spent an impressive amount of time and energy to bring people into your Facebook Groups. Each member is valuable as you are building a community for sales, traffic generation, support…

That’s why letting a member go away is what you want to avoid.

When they left, members do it silently and slowly. First, they stop commenting, posting or liking within the group ; then they stop reading posts.

You should act before it happens.

Grytics tells you for how long your members have been inactive and gives you the date of their last activity. With this piece of information, you can act following these two sets of good practices :

Once you have identified the members at risk, it is easy for you to re-engage them by tagging them in the publication with some teasing words « Hey this should be of some interest for @johndoe ».

Another way to do it is to set a list every week or month of people you think are lost (because they are inactive since 4 weeks for example). Then you ask them in the group if they’re still in or if they should be removed.

Doing this will create more interactions within your group and allow you to keep your group with active and interesting members. Do not forget that members are your group biggest asset ; so keep them in.


Optimize the time you spend moderating your group.

You can not spend all day long keeping an eye on your group for moderation purposes. You also want your posts to have a maximum number of views as soon as you post it.

So you need to be present at the right time to interact with your members.

Using posts ans comments distribution, Grytics makes it possible to know when your members are posting and commenting .

You can then schedule your moderation and posting hours and days to get a maximum impact for your publications.

Find out the the content that engages your member.

When you’re running a group, one of your main concern is to deliver a content of great quality that gets the members interested and creates interactions.

Grytics gives you a ranking of all group posts based on the engagement they generate. So you can benchmark easily your posts and to rank them to understand which topic, picture, video is making your community react and interact.

So it takes a few clicks to know what type of content really engages your community.

You can even compare engagement on posts accross different time ranges in order to check the evolution.

If you want to run a deeper analyzis on the content within your group, you can also export the list of all posts and comments.

Identify your group core Members

  • How many active members are there within your group members ?
  • How many members post or comment every week ?
  • Who are your most active members ?
  • What are their share in the group activity ?

These questions are key to manage your group and Grytics can answer them !


The active members list not only tells you who are your active members but it also displays the more influential ones. Discover who are your top publishers, commenters or likers on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis. Being able to get the list of influencers, it allows you to identify whose posts got the more interactions and then contact them.