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Who collects your personal data ?

The Website www.grytics.com (thereafter the « Site ») is a publication of 1339 (thereafter referred to as the « Company »).

In order to run and manage the Site – acting as a controler of the“Loi Informatique et Libertés en date du 6 janvier 1978” (the French law of January 6, 1978 relative to Information Technology and Data Protection), as modified – the Company can collect the user’s (the « User(s)’s ») personal data.

The handling of personal data has been registered with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL, French national agency regulating data protection) under registration Nr. 1759820.

The Company pays the highest respect to privacy and takes all necessary measures to guarantee the confidentiality and the security of the User’s personal data.

To that extent, the Company invites its Users to read the following Privacy Policy to remain informed on their rights and on the way their personal data are being handled.

To what end are your personal data being collected ?

When Users are browsing the Site and/or requesting services (the « Services ») available on the Site, the Company can collect the following User’s personal data :

  • Surname, first name, telephone numbers, payment informations, email address, age, postal address, IP address.

The Company may use the User’s personal data for the following purposes :

  • Receiving and aknowledging User’s Services inquiries ;
  • Orders management and processing ;
  • Service delivery ;
  • Information about the Company, the Services and activities ;
  • Addressing the User’s questions/inquiries ;
  • Promotional games organization ;
  • Newsletters subscriptions;
  • Information campaigns for Users, particularly aimed at promoting conferences and promotional events organized by the Company and/or its partners.

Who are the recipients of your personal data ?

The Company can share your personal data with the administration and justice departments in case of a legal inquiry.

The Company can share the User’s personal data with third parties for statistic purposes regarding the Site’s use and in order to optimize the Site. For that specific purpose the User’s personal data will remain anonymous.

For how long are the User’s personal data collected ?

The User’s personal data are collected for the Company’s Services time of use by the Users and for a 1 (one) month period after the last use of such Services.

Why is the Company using cookies ?

While Users are browsing the Site, the Company can be using cookies that are stored on the User’s hard drives.

When Users go to the Site for browsing and/or purchase orders, the Company will ask Users, in a banner on the Site’s Home Page, if they accept the use of cookies on their computer.

If the Users ultimately would not give their consent to the Company, it is possible that some of the Site features will be made unusable. More information

Why is the Company collecting your IP address?

Every computer connected to Internet has an IP address. As soon as the User starts browsing the Site, the Company collects the User’s IP address for traffic analysis purposes and to monitor the User’s activity on the Site to verify that no breach to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale available on the Site are detected.

How does the Company secure your personal data?

The Company carefully secures the User’s personal data in an adequate and appropriate manner and took all necessary precautions to guarantee the data’s security and confidentiality and to specifically avoid the data to be altered, damaged, or shared with unauthorized individuals. For more infromation please contact security@grytics.com.

What are the User’s commitments?

User’s personal data shared publicly on social networks

Users acknowledge that the personal data they share on social networks platforms are publicly and willingly shared by the Users and that the Company is thereof free to use them.

Users ensure the Company that they are sharing their personal data in strict accordance with the social networks Privacy Policies they are members of. To that end, Users commit to follow the Privacy Policies of the social networks platforms they belong to. In case of violation, the Company cannot in any way be liable.

The Company does not operate as a controller for the management of personal data shared on social networks by the Users that are aggregated on the Site by the Users while using the Services. The Company acts as a sub-contractor of the “Loi informatique et Libertés” (French law ruling online privacy), in the name and for the Users who are themselves responsibles of managing their personal data as controllers.

Users are the only responsibles of their personal data according to the French “Loi Informatique et Libertés” (French law ruling online privacy).

Security of user’s personal data shared publicly on social networks platforms

The Company’s responsibility cannot be claimed for the security and privacy of the User’s personal data shared on social networks.

To that extent, Users are the only responsibles for the security and privacy of their aggregated data. In case of a security breach regarding their personal data, Users will be therefore invited to contact the social network(s) responsible for the eventual resulting damage.

Right of Privacy of a third party

Users commit to never engage into activities that may affect privacy and to protect the personal data of third parties and are solely responsibles for the information regarding these persons they shared on social networks platforms that are then aggregated on the Site.

What are the User’s rights ?

According to the “Loi Informatique et Libertés en date du 6 janvier 1978” (French law ruling online privacy from January 6, 1978) as modified, Users shall be informed that they have the right to access, rectify, delete and oppose on proper grounds the use of their personal data. Users can exercise their legal rights towards the Company by writing to the following email address: webmaster@grytics.com.

The Company can send commercial offers to Users who accepted the terms. If ultimately the Users wish not to receive such offers, the Users are free to send an email without any further obligation to the following email address: webmaster@grytics.com.

Finally, should Users delete their information from social networks, they are asked to inform the Company to allow deletion of their personal data from the Site.

How Users will be informed of any modification to the current Privacy Policy?

The Company is free to modify the current Privacy Policy at any time. The Company will inform its Users of any modification to the current Privacy Policy by all means.

The Company invites Users to regularly check the current Privacy Policy to keep informed of its contents.

How to contact the Company? 

For any question regarding the actual Privacy Policy, Users can contact the Company using the following email address: webmaster@grytics.com

The following Privacy Policy is up-to-date as of June 19th, 2018.