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Publish, Engage, Analyze: Make the Most of Video

Do you want to schedule your video publication in your Facebook Groups?

You can see how to publish video, engage your group and analyze the results in this article.

1. Why publish video in groups

Video is one of the most appealing content form. Today, making a video is not difficult. Just with a smartphone and internet connection, video can be filmed, edited and published directly on Facebook. Facebook’s auto display feature makes video more eye-catching.

According to Mark Zuckberg’s 2015 Q4 earnings call comments, Facebook sees now everyday 100 million hours of video watch time and there are 1 billion people use Facebook Groups every month.1


Publishing a video can effectively and efficiently reach and engage your group.

2. How to publish automatically your videos in your groups at the right time

You can schedule and publish automatically your video(s) at the time you want with the Publishing Tool.

From your dashboard, click “Publishing Tool” on the menu on the left side. Choose the group in which you want to publish your video. Add your video and publish it at the time you want.


You can schedule your video publication in your groups up to 60 days. You do not need anymore the to-do list to reminder you it is time to connect to your Facebook account and publish your video.

To use the Publishing Tool, you need to be the group admin.

3. Track your video performance in your groups

After the publication, come back later to view the statistics:
– how many comments, likes, hahas, wows, sads…your video gets
– the most liked comments your video gets
– how fast your group responds to your video post and how long your video still gets your group involved

Video post 01

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