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What is Grytics?

Grytics is a SaaS solution for SocialMedia Analytics on Facebook groups, for Community Managers, WebMarketers and PR. It allows Companies of all size

  • to improve their customer relationship through the analysis of publications on their Facebook groups
  • to help for marketing intelligence
  • to engage and deliver a better service to clients/fans communities
  • to measure, predict, improve their groups performance
  • to enhance their community management
  • to increase the engagement
  • to curate content


What are the Main features?

Grytics is delivering analytics insights about your Facebook groups (Activity ratio, Number and type of Publications, Interactions…). All this can be exported in PDF, PPT and Excel. You can also get the list of publications in Excel.

You can Benchmark Groups, get comparative insights and find best practices. The Search Tool helps you find publications and get statistics based on search terms. The Tags System lets you organize the content. You can increase the engagement and optimize your publications with the Publishing Tool…


How the data is collected?

We are using the Facebook API in order to get the data from your groups. That’s why we need you to connect through your Facebook account. In order to use Grytics ( and keep having the data updated), group admins have to add the Grytics app through the group settings.


Which kind of data is collected from the Facebook group API?

We gather all the posts, comments and reactions. Members profile picture, first name and surname are collected to help provide analytics to the group admin, when members opt-in to the Grytics app you’ve installed in your group. We are not scraping data like age, gender or location. Sale posts marked as sold and polls cannot be gathered or analysed.


What do you do with the collected data?

Our action with the data is strictly limited and explained in our terms of service and privacy policy. We do not sell your data to anyone.


Where is the company located?

We are located in Paris and in Troyes (in the Champagne area), in France.


I want to analyze secret and private groups. Can I do that? Am I the only one who can check out the data?

Only admins are allowed to access groups data.


Is Grytics free?

Grytics can be used for free for 14 days. You will benefit from a 14 days free-trial with the features of our Premium plan.

Once the free trial is over, to continue using Grytics, you will need to subscribe to one of our plans and/or purchase a history product (full history or 12-months history). If you do not subscribe or buy any history product, your account will be deleted.

Please have a look at our terms of use and service for more information: https://grytics.com/terms-of-service/.


Why does it take time to import content for a Facebook Group?

The import may take a while. It depends on your groups data volume (posts, comments…). You’ll receive an email when your data is available.

I want to upgrade my subscription, how can I do it?

If you had a subscription before the 1st of June 2015, please contact us via the chat  (red icon at the bottom right of your screen).

After the 1st of June 2015, you can upgrade your subscription in your account page (https://grytics.com/my-account/). Go to “My Subscriptions” part and click on “Switch Subscription”. You will only have to pay the difference (it will be automatically calculated by the system).


Can I cancel my subscription when I want?

You can cancel a monthly or annual subscription anytime. Just go to https://grytics.com/my-account/ and click on cancel. You will not be charged anymore.


  • Please note that you will not be entitled to a prorated refund of any sum paid for Nonbinding Subscriptions periods.
  • Please do not send cancellation requests by email, as they will not be taken into account.


What is the History Product?

This product has been designed to download all the data (except images) from a Facebook group since its inception (=full history) or for the last 12 months (=12 months history). You can launch it anytime after the purchase.


What is the difference between a History Product and a Subscription?

With a subscription, your groups data are automatically updated on a daily basis so you will be able to follow your group activity, and keep track of what is happening in your community.

A history product is a one shot product. After the launch, you will get the data for a group since the inception or for the last 12 months. But the data will not be updated.

For a comprehensive analysis and archive, it is recommended to have a subscription with the full history product.


Can I delegate the group stats to other accounts?

Yes, you can. You have 3 licences with the Pro subscription, 6 licences with the Enterprise subscription, 10 licences with the Global subscription (including your licence).

You can invite anyone if they have a Grytics account. They can create an account for free. You have to specify the email address of their Grytics account.


I cannot import the data of my group. Why?

Maybe because there is no content! Contact us for support via the chat  (red icon at the bottom right of your screen).


I want to delete my account. How can I do it?

Simply contact us via the chat  (red icon at the bottom right of your screen) or go to your account page and click on “delete my account”