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What is Grytics ?

Grytics is a SaaS solution for SocialMedia Analytics on Facebook groups, for Community Managers, WebMarketers and PR. It allows Companies of all size

– to improve their customer relationship through the analysis of publications on their Facebook groups

– to find/qualify new leads

– to identify influencers

– to help for marketing intelligence

– to engage and deliver a better service to clients/fans communities


What are the Main features ?

Grytics is delivering statistics about your Facebook groups (Activity ratio, Number and type of Publications, Interactions) and their members (Influencers, Posts generating the biggest engagement, Percentage of Active Members). All this can be exported in PDF, Powerpoint in ready-to-use reports. You can also get  the list of publications and members.


Where are you getting your data ?

We are using the Facebook API in order to get the data from your groups. That’s why we need you to connect through your Facebook account. We are not scraping data like Age, Gender or location.


What are you going to do with the data collected ?

Our action with this data is stricly limited and explained in our terms of service and privacy policy. We do not sell your data to anyone, this is why we ask for a fee.


Where are you located ?

We are located in Paris and in Troyes (in the Champagne area), in France.


I want to analyse secret and private groups. Can I do It? Am I the only one can check out the data ?

You can import any public groups and secret and closed groups you are an admin of. Only admin of secret and closed groups are allowed to access a specific group data.


Is Grytics Free ?

Grytics can be used for free for 30 days. During this period of time data used for the analysis is limited to the last 30 days. If you want to analyse all the data gathered, you need to subscribe to one of our subscriptions to be able to see all the members and posts and get more features . The subscriptions offer also to analyse more groups.


Why does it take a lot of time to import content for a Facebook Group ?

If your group has a lot of members and posts, the import make take a while, you’ll receive an email once it is finished.


Which kind of data do you get from the Facebook group API ?

We gather all the posts, members, comments and reactions. Sale posts marked as sold, albums, polls, docs, files and events can not be gathered or analysed for the time being.

I have a Premium or a Pro subscription. I want to upgrade my plan, how can I do it ?

If you had a subscription before the 1st of June 2015, please contact us. After the 1st of June 2015, you can switch subscription in your account page.


Can I cancel my Subscription when I want ?

You can cancel a Monthly subscription at any time. Just go to https://grytics.com/my-account/ and click on cancel. You will not be charged anymore.

Important notice : cancellation requests done by email will not be taken into account.


What is the History Product?

This product works solely for Facebook Groups.

This product has been designed to download all the data (except images) from a Facebook Group from its very first day.

It makes then possible to have all the Grytics statistics and metrics for your Group on any period of time since the beginning.


 What is the difference between History Product and Subscription?

Subscriptions are made to follow your group activity by updating the statistics and contents in Grytics on a regular basis. So you can update your Group Dashboard several times a month if necessary to keep track of what is happening in your community.

History is a one shot product that is making the download of the content of the Group from its start. You will find the same information than for the plans but will not be able to update it.

Say you have a group that lasts for four years now, having 6,000 members. You are purchasing the Pro subscription to get the last 1000 posts related comments and likes and the analytics related to this. This is great but you miss all the posts before. So you use the History Product to fill the gap.

After that every time you run thePro subscription Grytics will update the whole database with new posts, comments and so on.


Can I delegate the group stats to other accounts?

Yes you can with the Enterprise subscription.


I can not import the data of my group. Why ?

Maybe because there is no content! Contact us for support


I want to delete my account. How can i do it ?

Simply contact us in order to delete your account