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New Feature : Export all reports in a PowerPoint for Linkedin Groups

Grytics is happy to give you this new feature  : generate a PowerPoint presentation including all the graphs we provide in the analysis of a Linkedin group ! This was already available for Facebook groups. Just click on this button on the group you want to export : Again, we found this export very useful for community [...]

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Nerdilandia is all about Grytics !

Here is a very useful and complete article about our solution Grytics. Alexandra Corrao describes how Grytics allows anyone to analyze thier Facebook and Linkedin groups.

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How can Grytics help Tesla know their customers & fans ?

All brands have now invested the social networks. They have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and even a Google+ page ! But they still play defense : pushing their contents & ads and waiting for their community to react. Sometimes it is better to have a B plan (AirBnB new logo launch was not [...]

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Webreview : le Journal du Community manager aborde Grytics

Laurent Bour aborde Grytics sous l’angle d’un outil destiné aux directions Marketing des marques pour exploiter les groupes Facebook et Linkedin, au même titre que les pages respectives.

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New Feature : Export all reports in a PowerPoint !

Grytics allows you to export the post list and the Facebook group member list in a CSV file. Now we are happy to give you this new feature (only for Facebook Groups at the moment) : generate a PowerPoint presentation including all the graphs we provide.

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Grytics, the group analytics on French TV

Stéphane Baudin, 1339 CEO, the company which created Grytics, participated in the 2014 Plug And Start session organized with the Technopole de l’Aube en Champagne. He presented the socialmedia group analytics tool to a set of investors, lawyers and pears.

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We introduce you to our Global Dashboard

In order to keep track of all your groups, our team has created this global dashboard summing up activity, engagement and members for each group.

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Grytics WebReview – June 2014

Hi dear members and visitors, we invite you to discover and read these articles talking about Grytics, the Socialmedia Group Analytics. Most of them are French but Argentina seems to be quite interested ! BonjourIdee Listao Mediatico - NouvelObs StreetNSports

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