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Use Grytics to Publish at the right time in your Facebook Groups

Grytics is already delivering analytics about engagement and the days and hours when your members are the most active. If it is good to know, it is better to do. So now admins will be able to publish in their groups at times based on Grytics stats to improve members engagement as well as publications views and interactions. Let see how to do this : You can publish in your facebook Groups by using our new feature Publish in your group, that can be found in the main menu and in the Engagement tools menu.

By clicking on you will land on a new page :

The first block, top left, is where you design your post , with text and picture and set the publication time.

The second block, top right, is the log of your publications. It tells you what have been published and what is scheduled.

The bottom block displays the best days and hours to publish to help you schedule your posts.

We hope this tool will help you to better engage your members and make you save time. We are waiting for your feedbacks.