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June 22nd, 2020

Thanks to Grytics, The Miroglio Group is increasing employee engagement and bringing together its global workforce

by Grytics

The Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial company operating since 1947 in textiles, fashion and supply chain management. It counts over 5000 employees. With an important global presence in 34 countries, 49 operating companies and 4 industrial sites are working together on Workplace by Facebook. Grytics provides solutions to save time and boost employee engagement.

Thanks to Giorgio Blangetti, System Engineer at Miroglio, key user of Grytics for Workplace by Facebook

1- Automated Grytics reporting cards are shared monthly to improve data transparency

The Miroglio Group uses Grytics’ one-click detailed reports specifically. They are shared every month with all team members: simple to understand, they highlight the evolution of key metrics over time.

Co-workers enjoy seeing how they are positioned within their community and how they are evolving.

This also helps to increase engagement and overall activity as they wonder if they are part of the Top engaged members, or how they could improve activity within the Marketing & Sales department.

For the engineers in charge, the automated reports provided by Grytics save considerable time and energy, as they are delivered directly by email with scheduled periodicity.

2- Organizing employee contests with hashtag detection and ranking

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With 5000 employees worldwide, internal corporate events can be challenging to organize.

Not anymore, thanks to Grytics. 3 times a year, contests are organized across the entire group.

Recently, for Valentine’s Day, employees were encouraged to publish photos related to love and happiness using the hashtags #3motiviforlove and #motivi.

Using Grytics’ search engine, management was able to sort and rank employees based on the number of reactions and comments on their posts, allowing Miroglio to select three worldwide winners.

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