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Efficient Facebook Groups Publication: Schedule, Manage, and Track

Do you want to make your Facebook Groups publication efficient?

Do you need to schedule your posts to share automatically a text, a link, a picture and/or a video in your Facebook groups at the time you want?

You can use the Publishing Tool to schedule, manage, and track your posts.

You can schedule your posts for up to 60 days. It saves your time and makes your publication efficient. You can make a plan and schedule for all the groups you admin. So you don’t need to remind yourself each time to check your groups and publish a post.

You can view and edit all the scheduled posts for all your groups in one list. It is easy for you to make some modifications on the post and/or change the publication time.

You can view all the published posts in one list. You can know when, in which groups, and what content you have published.

You can track all the shared links. You can see your members clicks number. So you can know how interesting your posts are for your members. You can see your audience distribution by country, language, operating system, and browser. So you can understand better their reading environment and make improvements.

Use the Publishing Tool to schedule, manage, and track your announces, notifications, events, promotions, tips, cases, sponsored content… Make your Facebook groups publication efficient!

Here is how you can

1. Choose one group


Click “Publishing Tool”. Click to select a group you admin.

2. Write texts, paste a link, add a picture or a video.


After selecting a group, write your text, share your link, picture and/or video.

You can preview the shared link.

3. Schedule at a given time


After editing your post, click “PUBLISH” button.

Click “Now” to publish immediately your post.

Click “Later” to schedule at a given time.

Click “Publish at the best time” to schedule at the time when your group is the most active according to statistics. You can click “Show more details” in “Best time to post” to learn more.

4. View, edit or delete scheduled posts


In “Publishing Tool”, you can view all the scheduled posts, their group, and publishing time.

You can click the button next to a post to view it. You can edit the post. You can re-schedule it. You can delete it.

5. View published posts


In “Publishing Tool”, you can view all the published posts, their group, and publishing time.

You can click the button next to a post to view it on Facebook.


To see the clicks number of the links you shared in your Facebook Groups, you can read “How to Know How Many Clicks Get the Links You Shared in Your Facebook Groups“.


To learn more about “click insights” of posts published by the publishing tool, keep on reading “Engage Your Members by Language, Platform, Browser and Location“.


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