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Save Time and Simplify Your Reporting with Facebook Groups Automated Reports

Do you want to save time and simplify your Facebook groups reporting?

Have you ever thought that your Facebook groups reports automatically generate themselves and refresh?

With automated reports, you can directly receive by email a PDF file which includes your group analytics, KPIs, top posts …

With automated reports, get constant updates for all your groups at a given time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Free up your time and resources. Focus on your debriefing and reporting. Easily share them with your customers and collaborators.

Here is how to receive by email your automated reports:

1. Create automated reports

Click “My automated reports”. Click “Create” in the top right corner.

Choose groups for your report.

Choose your cover. Choose the frequency and the time. Choose the timezone. Click “Activate”.

2. Manage automated reports

After creating automated reports, click “My automated reports” and view all the reports, their group, frequency, cover, and range.

In the “Actions” column, click the “edit” button to modify the setting of a report. Click the “delete” button to remove an automated report.