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August 10th, 2022

Preparing for a Recession: Deliver the best ROI with People Analytics

by Grytics

It’s on everyone’s mind…

A recession may be coming, and organizations are preparing for it.

They are looking at their spending, making sure their investments are creating value and trying to become more efficient and productive.

We wrote this blog to help you make your own preparations.

In it, we’ll explore some of the big ways that a people analytics tool (like Grytics) can deliver ROI for your organization, and help you run leaner while increasing your results.

To do so, we’ll look at four ways you can use people analytics to deliver real ROI:

  1.  Cut back on email
  2.  Improve collaboration
  3. Expand hybrid and remote work
  4. Get more out of tools like Teams, Yammer, and Workplace

Let’s dig in!

1. Cutting Back on Email and Saving Hours Each Week

 The average office worker receives 121 emails per day, and sends 40 of their own. They need over a minute to process each email, and spend over 11 hours per week — or 28% of their workweek — working in their inbox.  This is a huge amount of time spent communicating on a slow 50-year old technology!

Thankfully, a lot of corporate communications can be moved off email and onto workplace collaboration tools like Workplace by Meta, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. By moving your corporate communications onto these tools, you will reduce the number of emails your employees receive, save them substantial time each week, and encourage them to move more of their own project communications off email.

With Grytics, you can take it one step further and track the impact of each message you share on your workplace collaboration tools. You will gain advanced people analytics — that you may not have with email — to see how your messages are being received and how you can improve your programs.

2. Improving Collaboration and Increasing Productivity

 For most companies, improving collaboration is one key to surviving a recession by doing more with less. According to Deloitte, when you improve collaboration:

  • Your employees work 15% faster
  • 73% do better work
  • 60% become more innovative
  • 56% feel more satisfied with their jobs

Deloitte also found businesses that deploy an effective collaboration strategy are more likely to improve their profits and outgrow their competitors.

Tools like Teams, Yammer, and Workplace were designed to improve collaboration. They bring employees together, help them make faster and better strategic decisions, and accelerate each stage of project delivery.

Grytics was designed to further improve collaboration on these tools. Grytics gives you people analytics and collaboration analytics to measure, manage, and increase how often your employees are communicating with each other, sharing content for everyone to consume, and engaging with each other’s content.

3. Expanding Hybrid and Remote Work

Hybrid and remote work are here to stay — and they offer one of the best ways to reduce costs while improving productivity. By expanding your hybrid or remote work policies, you can:

  • Downsize expensive office space
  • Reduce travel and commuting costs
  • Lower office expenses and administrative overhead
  • Improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention

Tools like Teams, Yammer, and Workplace make hybrid and remote work happen, and Grytics makes these tools work better. Grytics performs advanced people analytics by pulling data from these tools, rapidly performing actionable analytics, and giveing you the core information you need to monitor and manage your hybrid and remote workforce — in real-time, at any scale.

4. Getting the Most Out of Teams, Yammer, and Workplace

Most organizations have invested heavily in tools like Teams, Yammer, and Workplace, and will continue to use them even if a recession arrives. They have become a foundation of the modern workforce — and they can deliver substantial value and ROI if they are used correctly.

Forrester found that:

  • Workplace by Meta can achieve a 207% ROI over three years.
  • Yammer can deliver a 365% ROI if deployed properly.
  • Microsoft Teams can generate a 393% – 1,085% ROI — amounting to millions of dollars in savings every year — within three years.

This is huge ROI — but it can only be achieved if enough employees are using the platform. For example, in their report Forrester found that Teams only delivers this ROI if 75%+ of users have adopted it as “a hub for daily work”.

With Grytics, you can get more value out of these foundational tools that you are already using. Grytics integrates out-of-the-box with Teams, Yammer, and Workplace, and offers features to increase user adoption and engagement, and help you hit the critical mass you need to achieve meaningful ROI.

Learn How People Analytics and Grytics Can Help You Prepare for a Recession!

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