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How Many Members React in Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how many reacters there are in your Facebook groups? Your group may have many reactions but a few reacters. It means always the same members react and each one reacts several times. In this case, you may want to get more members reacting. You may find that the number of reacters is [...]

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Facebook Groups Admin Guide 2017 (2nd Edition)

Do you know how to use Facebook Groups features like linking groups and pages, asking pending members questions...? Get the 2nd edition of Facebook Groups Admin Guide: https://1339.li/2tbGFZOd See how to use almost all the features for your Facebook groups.

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Grytics weekly review (23 June, 2017)

Do you want to achieve your business goals via Facebook Groups? Take a listen to the latest Social Zoom Factor podcast. If you want to grow a Facebook group from 0 - 10 000 engaging members in less than 12 months, here is a startup lesson in which you will receive insights and practical strategies. [...]

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5 Ways to Tag Your Facebook Groups Members

Do you know how to tag your Facebook groups members ? Tagging members is a good way to start a conversation, increase the visibility of your posts, engage your members and build a relationship with them. When you tag members, you create links to their profiles. Other members can click on the names and go to see the tagged [...]

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Grytics weekly review (16 June, 2017)

The Washington Post has a Facebook group where readers can ask reporters how and why they cover stories. Here are some sites where you can get resources about community building. Facebook Groups have many benefits. See why you should be using Facebook groups. 1. The Washington Post has a Facebook group where readers can ask [...]

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Create Customized Chats with Members in Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to chat with your Facebook groups members? Your members and you will be able to create customized chats with selected group's members. You can build together a list of chats by topic. Your members and you can view and join chats. It is a cool feature for your group communication and to keep conversations [...]

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How to Create an Album for Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to create an album for your Facebook groups? Album is a great tool to keep and organize your group photos and engage your members. You can create albums by theme, event, date, type of photo... Your members can find, view and add photos. They can also react, comment and tag in the [...]

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Grytics weekly review (09 June, 2017)

Do you know how to build a community around your business with Facebook Groups? Here is an infographic that provides an overview of the benefits and steps. Facebook can help your business grow. Here are several ways your business can benefit. Here are five myths BUSTED about starting a Facebook group. 1. How to Build [...]

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Get Grytics API for Your Facebook Groups

The Grytics API is the ultimate tool for your Facebook Groups. With our API you can get and use all the stats and KPIs directly from Grytics. We provide this API to the Pro & Enterprise subscriptions. Go to your “API Access” page Generate the access and you will have three parameters necessary for you [...]

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Grytics weekly review (02 June, 2017)

Do you want to start and grow a profitable Facebook group? Here are steps and tips. If you want to use Facebook groups to grow your fans and engagement, here are 5 innovative ways. Vegan Ísland is a discussion groups on veganism in Iceland. See how they use Facebook groups for connection and discussion. 1. [...]

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