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Get Your Facebook Groups PDF Reports

Do you need to archive in reports your Facebook groups statistics, top posts, top members ...? Do you need to present your groups performance to your members, team, and customers? You can download your Facebook groups reports each week, each month and according to your community management needs. In one PDF file, you can view your group key [...]

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Grytics weekly review (25 August, 2017)

Do you want to grow fans with Facebook Groups? Listen to a podcast and get tips. If you want to use Facebook Groups to find new clients, you can watch a video to see how. Are you addicted to Facebook Groups? Read Jo's story, see how she says about it. 1. GROW FANS WITH FACEBOOK [...]

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Archive Posts of All Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to archive posts of all your Facebook groups? Groups posts contain valuable information. They can be topics which interest your members, questions your members care about, feedbacks, stories, use cases, content curation ... They are members-generated content. They let you understand your members and increase community engagement. It's necessary to archive them and [...]

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Grytics weekly review (18 August, 2017)

Do you want to use Facebook Groups for network marketing? Here are 5 steps for you. Facebook believes that Groups will play an important part in the future. Its most "meaningful' Groups tell us about Zuckerberg's grand vision. A Newfoundland-based Facebook group helps thousands. Keep reading to learn more about the community 'Need something? Got [...]

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Need a Toolbox to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Groups Posts ?

Running Facebook groups doesn't only mean day-to-day operations like members approval, posts and comments moderation, content publication… but also data organization, analysis, and archive. Posting is the fundamental activity. It keeps your groups up to date and your members on board. Via posts, they start a conversation, ask a question, share an article, add a [...]

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Grytics weekly review (11 August, 2017)

Do you want to get high engagement and results in blogging Facebook groups? Here are 10 tips. Do you know that nearly every elite academic institution in America has a booming Facebook meme group? Keep reading to learn about them. There are 7 genius wellness tips encountered in a Facebook group in recent weeks. 1. [...]

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Quickly Find Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to quickly find one or more of your Facebook Groups? Sometimes, it may take longer to find a Facebook group, especially when you have many. You can use the search in the top-right corner of the dashboard to quickly find one or more groups and get insights. The search tool is [...]

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Rank Your Facebook Groups by Engagement, Activity and Members

Which are your top 5 and top 10 Facebook groups? Which groups are more engaging? Which ones have more activities? Which ones have more members and active members? Rank them, get answers! Here is how you can do it: Click the button in the top-right corner of the dashboard. You can rank your groups by [...]

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Grytics weekly review (04 August, 2017)

The Economist has a closed group on Facebook to friend larger US audience. To get traffic from Facebook Groups, you can apply 6 steps. Do you want to get 1,000 emails addresses in 3 weeks with Facebook Groups? Read a case study. 1. The Economist "likes" Facebook groups to friend larger US audience The Economist [...]

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Don’t Lose Your Community Assets, Archive Your Facebook Groups Data

You created your Facebook groups. You have been and are spending time and making efforts for members recruitment, groups moderation, posting ... There are many valuable data generated by your members, admins, moderators and you, like statistics, posts, reactions and comments. They give you insights, help you increase engagement and improve your community management. Don't lose [...]

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