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Navigate Between Your Facebook Groups

When you are viewing analytics of one group, you can Click "My groups" button in the navigation bar, to go back to your groups dashboard. Click the "down arrow" button next to "My groups", to view and switch to another group.

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Find Your Top Facebook Groups in One Single File

If you are running several Facebook groups, you may want to know which ones perform the best each week, each month or a custom period like an event, an academic semester, a promotion… Which of your groups have higher engagement score? More posts? More reactions? More active members? … Archive your groups key statistics in [...]

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Find Facebook Groups Admins with Admins Badge

How many admins are there in your Facebook groups? Do you know who they are? Admins are important roles. They make or remove an admin or moderator. They manage group settings like changing the group name, cover photo or privacy settings. They approve or deny membership requests and posts… They help build an engaging environment. [...]

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Manage and Engage Your Members with All-in-One Facebook Groups Members Management Kits

How many members do you have in your Facebook groups? Hundreds, thousands, and more? Can you manage and engage them effectively? Do you know when they started to interact in your group? When have they posted, reacted or commented the last time? Do you know how they have participated? What are their engagement level and [...]

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Grytics weekly review (08 September, 2017)

Do you use Facebook Groups for your business? Here is 5 benefits of creating a Facebook group for your business. Do you know how Facebook Groups can help you increase your organic reach? Read a post to get insights and tips. A Facebook group called Global Nigerian Physicians connects Nigerian doctors worldwide. Keep reading to learn about [...]

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Discover How Your Facebook Groups Have Been Evolving

Do your Facebook groups keep evolving? With your recruitment efforts, how has the members number been increasing? With the efforts you have made, has the engagement score been steadily increasing? Have there been sudden and great raises? Discover how your groups have been evolving. Be aware of your groups growth trajectory. Here is how you can [...]

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Grytics weekly review (01 September, 2017)

If you want to boost your engagement in Facebook Groups, here is 10 tips for you. Renowned social business strategist, Bryan Kramer has shared his insights about what makes a Facebook group successful. A Facebook group named "Northern Birthday Box Project" helps southern sponsors spread cheer to northern families in Canada. Keep reading to learn [...]

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Get Your Facebook Groups PDF Reports

Do you need to archive in reports your Facebook groups statistics, top posts, top members ...? Do you need to present your groups performance to your members, team, and customers? You can download your Facebook groups reports each week, each month and according to your community management needs. In one PDF file, you can view your group key [...]

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Grytics weekly review (25 August, 2017)

Do you want to grow fans with Facebook Groups? Listen to a podcast and get tips. If you want to use Facebook Groups to find new clients, you can watch a video to see how. Are you addicted to Facebook Groups? Read Jo's story, see how she says about it. 1. GROW FANS WITH FACEBOOK [...]

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Archive Posts of All Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to archive posts of all your Facebook groups? Groups posts contain valuable information. They can be topics which interest your members, questions your members care about, feedbacks, stories, use cases, content curation ... They are members-generated content. They let you understand your members and increase community engagement. It's necessary to archive them and [...]

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