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“Grytics : passez les groupes Facebook et Linkedin à la loupe !”

“Grytics, un outil statistique fabuleux pour « déshabiller » les groupes Facebook et Linkedin”. Un article de Marco Bertolini.

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Facebook launches Groups App !

The new app makes it’s simple to quickly create, join and navigate between groups with a few taps.

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Yes , Facebook groups are really great for your customer relationships !

Generating qualified leads, Getting real customer feedback , all this with Facebook Groups and an appropriate Analytics tool like Grytics.com.

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Do you know how many people are really engaged in your Facebook or LinkedIn groups ?

Save time, find the right people, engage them, and increase your ratios. Discover our analytics tool.

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What do you find in your Facebook or LinkedIn Group Report ?

Reports for social media, filled with analytics, metrics and information about members.

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Don’t waste your time, connect to the right people on LinkedIn.

Grytics.com delivers the list of active members of the LinkedIn groups you belong to.

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Identify influencers (you ?) hidden in your facebook communities !

With this new feature available in the “members statistics” page you can easily see who are the people who matter in your groups.

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How can Grytics help Tesla know what their customers & fans talk about in Facebook groups ?

Here is the part two of our series about Tesla and Groups. Read part 1 Well, let us have a look to what people are sharing in those groups. Thanks to Grytics we have been able to export in a csv file 8500 posts and comments from a Tesla fan group in a few minutes. [...]

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New Feature : Export all reports in a PowerPoint for Linkedin Groups

Grytics is happy to give you this new feature  : generate a PowerPoint presentation including all the graphs we provide in the analysis of a Linkedin group ! This was already available for Facebook groups. Just click on this button on the group you want to export : Again, we found this export very useful for community [...]

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