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New Feature for updates : Evolution of key metrics

New feature : each time your group is updated (only available for subscribers), new statistics are displayed: Variation of engagement and activity and Evolution of key metrics over time

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Grytics Is Making Its Way To A Top Tool For Facebook Marketing

You are using Facebook for business purposes and you are wondering which tools could help you grow your customer base or generate leads ? Find some answers to your questions in Joshua Fechter’s article entitled “The Law Of Averages : 4 Must-Have Tools For Mastering Facebook Marketing”. Facebook Groups are indeed, an important piece of [...]

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Facebook : Which metrics to use for your business and how to do it ?

According to Avinash Kaushik’s article “How to suck at social media : an indispensable guide for business” (http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/social-media-marketing-success-guide-businesses/), Facebook is not only a social media that help you stay close to your relatives but can also help your business to improve itself. Maybe you already know it but do you use all features that can [...]

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17 th November news

Here are 5 articles, result of our last weeks curation. We hope you will find some useful tips and information. 6 Clever Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing Your Business Discover several features that will help you to improve the way you use your facebook group(s) : - communicate, - promote, - keep in touch with your [...]

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Grytics is sponsor of the Social Tools Summit in San Francisco

  We are glad to announce that we sponsor the Social Tools Summit in San Francisco the 27-28 of October. We will speak there about Social Monitoring and Analytics-- All About Data and What You Can Do with It The Social Tools Summit is a unique conference that showcases the wide variety of social media tools available for companies [...]

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What does your Facebook report look like?

We provide Powerpoint reports designed for social media analysis, filled with analytics, metrics and information about members.

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How to use the Dashboard

Discover the new Global Group Dashboard to better manage your groups on Grytics !

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What are your Group Members talking about ?

As a Facebook Group Administrator you need to know what your members are talking about in your Facebook Group. But sometimes it can be hard to check.

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Why comments are so important in your Group’s life.

Your group activity is not only represented by likes and posts: comments is really important too. And maybe the most important ?

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