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Facebook API changes

On the 1st of May, Facebook will change its APIs policy.

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How to start using Grytics in 3 clicks

See how you can get your Facebook Group Insights in a few clicks.

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Comment identifier les animateurs et les influenceurs de vos groupes ?

Découvrez comment repérer les animateurs de vos communautés et les influenceurs afin de dynamiser votre propre groupe.

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You can identify members of your Facebook and LinkedIn groups who are inactive in order to invite them to participate again.

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How to analyze the evolution and activity of Facebook or LinkedIn groups over time ?

Grytics.com is a tool which allows you to know for instance which members are the most active or the most engaged in your group across time

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Keep track of the activity of your group members

We are pleased to let you know that we've released a new metric regarding group members : the date of one member last activity in the group. The last activity is the last action done by the member in the group : like, post, comment. This will help you track the engagement of your group members. [...]

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We will start with some tips to help you grow your LinkedIn Community , then see how you can take advantage of Facebook Groups in Higher Education and finish by learning some ways to boost your social media engagement. That is a really cool set of papers we have this week.

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Grytics weekly review, 15th of February 2015

Read how Big Brands are using Facebook Groups for Marketing and why the future of Marketing is Community.

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