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How to Add Tags to the Facebook Groups You admin

Besides Facebook Groups name and description, tags can help people understand what your group is about. They are short key words which describe your group topics and activities. Tags also help people find your group by topics which interest them, if your group is a public or closed group. For example, if you have a [...]

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10 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to optimize your Facebook Groups, get your members involved and build an active community? Here are 10 tips for you. Subscribe to our newsletter

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Grytics weekly review (17 June, 2016)

In 2016, Facebook has launched several new features which have an big impact on Facebook Marketing. It is necessary to learn about them and boost your marketing strategy on Facebook. After reading the infographic "Facebook Marketing 2016", we will take a look at Facebook's new features "video in comments". At last, we will see 10 [...]

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Grytics Index, June 2016

In June, Grytics has made a research based on 9,6 million posts on Facebook Groups. See how people are engaging with groups. 9.6 million posts generated 199 million reactions and 85 million comments. It means almost 21 likes  and 9 comments per post. The average engagement score per group is 38 and the average activity score per group is 403. [...]

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Split your Facebook Groups active members into publishers, commenters and reactors , export Members Mosaics– Grytics Updates 2016

Grytics has got a update today. This update includes principally 3 new features. 1. Split your active members into publishers, commenters and reactors With this update, now you can split your active members into publishers, commenters and reactors. You can also split your reactors into likers, lovers, laughters, sad people, wow people and haters. Active members are [...]

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How to Change Facebook Groups Privacy Settings

Facebook Groups privacy setting is important. It determines who can find your groups via search engin, who can see your groups information and who can view your groups activities. When creating your group, you can choose the privacy settings among "public, closed and secret". You can see how to change your privacy setting in this article. [...]

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Grytics weekly review (10 June, 2016)

Recently, Facebook has launched a new feature for Group Management: "auto-reported by facebook". With this feature, moderating post becomes easier. JAMF Software's Partner & Product Strategy ZACK HALMSTAD will share with us 5 tips to building an online community for your business. Facebook messenger is second most-used messaging application in the world. Here are 4 [...]

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Facebook Groups Admin and Moderator, What Do They Do?

Very often, managing a Facebook Group is a team work. There are 2 different roles: admin and moderator. The admin is the top manager and manages all the group settings. The moderator is in charge of the daily operation. In this article, you can understand the differences between an admin and a moderator. Subscribe to our newsletter

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Grytics weekly review (03 June, 2016)

This week, amazon best-selling author and CEO Leadership Girl, Haley Lynn Gray, shares with us her experience in building successfully her own group to over 2200 members in 12 months. Then we will see how to make a nice Facebook live and 4 common social media mistakes we may make unconsciously. Hope you enjoy our [...]

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Give Honor to Your Groups Members with the New Wall of Fame

Since Wall of Fame has been launched as an engagement tool in Grytics, it has become quickly popular and is wildly used by Grytics Users. It is a great way to tell group members who are the top contributors, like top influencers, top engaged members, top commenters and top posters, during a certain period. People [...]

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