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Get Your Facebook Groups Posts List and Comments List

Do you want to get your Facebook group posts list and comments list? Archive your posts and comments for content curation, index, sharing... Here is how to get your lists: Choose one group. Get Your Group Posts List, and Comments List Click Posts & Comments - Posts & Comments List. Click Export posts in the top right corner to get the posts [...]

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Grytics weekly review (22 July, 2016)

Founder of Speechless Digital, Zachary Jarvis created an infographic "Facebook Marketing in 2016" to show us Facebook's new features for marketing. Disney expert Lou Mongello explores how to start a show using live video on Facebook. Social and business coach, Brenda Ster shares 11 tips about what to do and not to do on Facebook. [...]

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How to Set Timezone for Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to get Facebook Groups data according to your timezone? The timezone setting has an impact on For example, if you are in New York, but you manage a group whose members are mainly from Paris. You can set your timezone as "UTC +01.00 Paris". Then all your time-related data like the post [...]

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How to Manage Effectively Your Facebook Group Publication

Do you want to manage effectively your Facebook Group Posts Publication?  You can see how to schedule your post publication, publish them automatically at the time you want and get your posts clicks insights! 1. Save your time by scheduling your group publication By scheduling your posts, you can save time to manage your group publication. Your [...]

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Organize a Vote with Post Reactions in Your Facebook Group

Facebook post reactions are a useful tool not only to collect readers' emotional feedback, but also to organize a vote. It is fun. Your group members will love it and it is easy to participate. You will see how to organize a vote by using reactions in this article. 1 Engage visually group members Prepare a [...]

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Grytics weekly review (15 July, 2016)

Facebook started testing video offline viewing in India. This new feature can help publishers reach new audience with video content. Facebook has launched several new features for bot developers on the Messenger app, including rating system, quick replies, persistent menus and account linking. This year, Facebook messenger will have 105, 2 million active users in [...]

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Pokémon Go! Three Pokémon Facebook Groups Benchmark

Whether you are or not a video game enthusiast, these days you may have heard about Pokémon Go, a free-to-play, GPS based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. Many fans use Facebook Group to share their experience, tips and photos, make friends and build their team. Grytics has made [...]

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How to Choose Your Facebook Groups Type?

As Facebook Groups description and tags, groups types help people understand what your group is about. For example, you have created a group named "Computer Science". If you choose "study group" as your group type, people will understand that in your group they can learn new knowledge or skills about computer science. If you choose "project" as [...]

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Grytics weekly review (08 July, 2016)

Facebook will make changes to its news feed algorithm and this will have a huge impact on post reach for many publishers. As Facebook makes regularly critical changes, every marketer should adapt always the strategy and keep up with the trends. Video is relatively new for Facebook but it will play a key role in [...]

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How to Create Discussion Topic for Your Facebook Group

You may have already noticed, for some Facebook Groups, now there is a new feature "Discussion Topic". It is useful to archive your posts by topics and your group members can find them according to the topics you created. With Discussion Topic, you can build a small library for your group. You can see how to [...]

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