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How to Know When a Facebook Group was Created

Do you need to know when a Facebook Group is created? Well, you can always scroll down to the first post of the group to see when it was created, but it can be very time-consuming and tiring. You can see a quick way in this article. Subscribe to our newsletter

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Get Insights with Posts List of Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to back up all your Facebook Groups posts in one list? You can see what you get in your posts list and how you can use it in this article. 1. Get detailed information about your Group Posts Once you download your group posts list, you can open it with Excel. Then [...]

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New features: Facebook Group shares counts, group deletion, group type & category and more…

Grytics has got updates recently. Some new features are now available, as "group posts shares counts", "groups navigation", "group deletion", "group type and category"… The summary page now has a new layout, designed to facilitate your group statistics display. The data export process is faster than before. Keep reading to see these updates. 1. Get [...]

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Grytics weekly review (29 July, 2016)

Facebook's newsfeed change is freaking out businesses. But with some Facebook marketing fundamentals, you can still stay on your customers' newsfeed. Managing effectively Facebook Group can be a challenge for both members and administers, here are five tips which can help you. Facebook group supports well your business and Fan pages. Here are five ways [...]

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How to Send Messages to Facebook Groups Members

Facebook Group chat is a useful feature to facilitate the communication among group members. This article will show you how to start a chat with members of a Facebook group you are in. Subscribe to our newsletter

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Get Your Facebook Groups Posts and Members Lists

Do you want to get your Facebook Groups Posts & Members lists? You can use your members list to engage your members. You can use your posts list to make an archive. You can see how to get your lists in this article. Choose one of your groups from your Grytics dashboard. 1. Get Your [...]

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Grytics weekly review (22 July, 2016)

Founder of Speechless Digital, Zachary Jarvis created an infographic "Facebook Marketing in 2016" to show us Facebook's new features for marketing. Disney expert Lou Mongello explores how to start a show using live video on Facebook. Social and business coach, Brenda Ster shares 11 tips about what to do and not to do on Facebook. [...]

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How to Set Timezone in Grytics

After importing your group(s) in Grytics, you need to set the timezone for each group. You can see why and how to set timezone in this article. The impact of timezone For example, if you are in New York, but you manage a group whose members are mainly from Paris. You can set your timezone as [...]

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How to Manage Effectively Your Facebook Group Publication

Do you want to manage effectively your Facebook Group Posts Publication?  You can see how to schedule your post publication, publish them automatically at the time you want and get your posts clicks insights! 1. Save your time by scheduling your group publication By scheduling your posts, you can save time to manage your group publication. Your [...]

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Organize a Vote with Post Reactions in Your Facebook Group

Facebook post reactions are a useful tool not only to collect readers' emotional feedback, but also to organize a vote. It is fun. Your group members will love it and it is easy to participate. You will see how to organize a vote by using reactions in this article. 1 Engage visually group members Prepare a [...]

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