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Grytics weekly review (21 October, 2016)

Grytics Weekly Review: What it takes to be an effective community manager Why this successful solopreneur uses Facebook Groups to grow his business Can chatbots help with community management Keep reading. 1. What It Takes to Be an Effective Community Manager Business photograph designed by Bedneyimages - Freepik.com A community manager must face expectations from [...]

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How Women Broadcasters Use Facebook Groups

She Broadcasts is a closed Facebook group for women entrepreneurs. After 6 months since its inception, the group has now 484 members, who are mainly speakers, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs. When you are a shining light it gives others permission to do the same The objective of this group is to connect like-minded women entrepreneurs [...]

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Grytics weekly review (14 October, 2016)

Grytics Weekly Review: How I used Twitter to grow a Facebook Group of over 2 000 people 7 Helpful Hacks for More Successful Social Media Community Management 11 steps to get your Facebook Group engaged Keep reading. 1. How I Used Twitter to Grow a Facebook Group of Over 2,000 People Facebook groups are an [...]

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How People Use Facebook Groups to Fight Disability Taboo

"Tu Sais Que Tu Es Handicapé Quand… (you know that you have a disability when…)" is a public French community for people with disabilities or people who have activities related with disabilities, created in 2014 by Legendre Guillaume, disability consultant. There are now 3 049 members. The objective of this group is to fight against [...]

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How Many Clicks Get the Links You Shared in Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to know how many clicks the links you shared in your group get?  By knowing the clicks numbers, you can know how many people are interested in your content. Every time somebody clicks on your link, your post engages successfully one person. The more clicks your posts get, the more effective your [...]

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Grytics weekly review (07 October, 2016)

Grytics Weekly Review: A Brief History of Facebook Marketing Facebook, World Bank and OECE Link Up to gather data 3 reasons you need to host a Facebook Group Keep reading 1. A Brief History of Facebook Marketing Facebook is a central platform through which people communicate and share with each other. Marketers need to understand how [...]

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How Digital Entrepreneurs Use Facebook Groups

RockStar Empires is a community for digital entrepreneurs. After 1 year and 3 months, this Facebook group has now 1 371 members. The mission is to help creative entrepreneurs become the rockstars in their market and build an online empire around their rockstar reputation. "Several partnerships have taken place in real life for new business [...]

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Grytics weekly review (30 September, 2016)

Grytics Weekly Review: How to reward your community members Nicolas Ménard creates 18 animations for Facebook's Groups Discover feature How to earn money selling your stuff on Facebook Keep reading to learn more. 1. How to reward your community members For community management, a golden rule is to give your members something before asking for [...]

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How to Use Facebook Groups to Engage Your Customers

Facebook Groups can help you build your own customers community and engage your customers for two reasons: Your customers are on Facebook. They use Facebook everyday to read, post, react and comment Facebook Group is great to connect and engage people who have the common interest, which is in your case your brand, product and [...]

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Delete a Facebook Group from Grytics to Free a Slot

Do you need to delete a group from your Grytics account so you can free a slot and add a new one? Here is how you can do it: Click "Delete" in the hover menu. When a group is deleted, all the statistics and data like posts, comments, and members will also be deleted. You can [...]

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