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Engage your Facebook Groups members by language, platform, browser and location

Do you want to know from where your Facebook Groups members clicked your posts? Which languages, operating systems and browsers they use? You can see how to in this article. 1. First you need to use the Publishing Tool to share a URL link in your Facebook Groups. The link will be shortened automatically by Grytics with [...]

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How to create a Facebook Group

With a Facebook account, everybody can create a Facebook group. You can see how to in this article. Subscribe to our newsletter

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Faster than ever before – Grytics Updates 2016

Grytics has got a major update today. This update includes 4 key improvements, 1 new tool and 1 new pricing plan. 1 Five to ten times faster than ever before For a better user experience, the group import and update time now is five to ten times faster than before. For groups of different size, you [...]

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Facebook Groups for 10 Industries

With 1,65 billion monthly active Users and 15% increase rate per year, Facebook is the largest online community in the world. It is widely used for both personal and professional needs. Besides Facebook Page, more and more companies and organizations start to use Facebook Groups to build their communities. Facebook Groups are useful for a [...]

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10 Reasons why people use Facebook Groups

With 1 billion monthly users, Facebook Groups are useful and popular for both personal and professional life. Here are 10 reasons why people use Facebook Groups. Read this article and see what they are. Subscribe to our newsletter

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Get close to your members: newly joined, left and non engaged

Do you want to get your Facebook Groups new members, former members and inactive members lists? Do you want to get tips about how to engage them? This article will show you how. To get a well organized Facebook Group member list is always useful for group management. It can be used to build detailed [...]

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Publish, Engage, Analyze: Make the most of video

Do you want to schedule your video publication in your Facebook Groups? This article will show you how to publish, engage and analyze. 1. Why publish video in groups Video is one of the most appealing content form. Today, making a video is not as difficult as before. Just with a smartphone and internet connection, [...]

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Get inspired with your Facebook Groups Reactions Statistics

Do you want to know what reactions mean in your Facebook Groups? In this article, you will learn about the meaning of each reaction and see how you can use them. Facebook reactions let users choose from six emojis to show their emotions : like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry.  Besides, according to Facebook [...]

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Use Grytics to Publish at the right time in your Facebook Groups

Grytics is already delivering analytics about engagement and the days and hours when your members are the most active. If it is good to know, it is better to do. So now admins will be able to publish in their groups at times based on Grytics stats to improve members engagement as well as publications views [...]

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Grytics Major Updates

Hi, we are happy to announce you that we are improving Grytics this month. Here is a list of the new features. The posts limit per update is disappearing in favor of a days limit. All paid plans will be able to set their own time zone for reporting purposes. Concerning subscriptions : The Free version will [...]

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