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Newsletter (16 March, 2018)

Grytics Newsletter is a collection of articles, tips, use cases, how-tos, videos… about Facebook Groups. We deliver it each week for you. Follow our blog. Get news, insights, practices… Make the most out of your Facebook groups!

Here is the collection for this week:


Do you want to get more traffic to your website and your blog?

Building up your network is a great way.

You can use Facebook groups to connect with others and help drive traffic.

Here are some tips:

  • Get familiar with the rules
  • Don’t just join Facebook groups to promote yourself
  • Be helpful
  • Be positive
  • Don’t join too many

Continue reading and see how Facebook Groups can help drive traffic: http://abranchofholly.com/blog/facebook-groups-grow-blog


A Facebook Group is a great way to create a community of like-minded individuals to create and keep a conversation going.

Specificity and a shared goal amongst the members will go a long way in the success of Facebook Groups. Regardless of whether you choose to make it a closed, public, or secret group, making sure the conversation continues will determine if the group sees continued success and value.

Listen to a great podcast episode and get tips: https://www.theagentsofchange.com/chris-brogan-2/


Bryan Lee McKee has found himself as an accidental Boise media mogul.

He runs the Boise & The Treasure Valley History Facebook group – the largest of its kind in SW Idaho.

With more than 35,000 members and a steady stream of content – the discussions reveal a fascination with where Boise has been and how the area is changing.

The posts paint a broad and nostalgic view of where the Boise area has been.

Each post generates scads of comments from people who remember the bit of history (or don’t) and others reliving fond memories.

Continue reading and see a case of the Facebook group “Boise & The Treasure Valley History”: https://boisedev.com/news/2018/3/6/boise-treasure-valley-history-brian-mckee

Cover photo: Idaho Capitol Building by JSquish (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Idaho_Capitol_Building.JPG)