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Newsletter (09 March, 2018)

Grytics Newsletter is a collection of articles, tips, use cases, how-tos, videos… about Facebook Groups. We deliver it each week for you. Follow our blog. Get news, insights, practices… Make the most out of your Facebook groups!

Here is the collection for this week:


Junya Watanabe World is a new collector’s Facebook group devoted to the cult brand “Junya Watanabe”.

Since it was founded last July, JWW has gained more than 800 members who post photos of their rarest pieces—like the Junya Watanabe Man x Seil Marschall shirt jacket or the Junya Watanabe Man x Hervier trenchcoat—and messages searching for the ones that got away. They also buy, sell, and trade items from their private collections (often, entire wardrobes filled with jeans, printed with slight variations on the same poetic text, or archival selections from almost every freestanding brand collaboration in existence). Lively discussions about the most underrated collections—Fall 2014 women’s, for Watanabe’s uncanny ability to reinvent a leather jacket in so many different forms; Spring 2005 men’s, for the hard-to-find functional bags inspired by hikers—are also frequent.

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How do you reach your audience using Facebook Groups? Here are a few tips:

  • Know you niche
  • Keep it closed, but not secret and use tags
  • Don’t add people without asking first

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