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Manage All Your Facebook Groups in One Place with Grytics

Do you want to manage all your groups in one place? It’s practical and time-saving for your groups management.

Here is how you can do it with Grytics.

On the menu on the left side, you can

  • Load the groups you admin
  • View and manage your groups automated updates
  • View and manage your team members access
  • Get your Grytics API
  • Use the Publishing Tool
  • View and manage your tags

In your groups dashboard, you can

  • View all your groups and last update
  • View and benchmark your groups key metrics
  • Rank and organize your groups with the button in the top-right corner
  • Search a group with the search bar
  • Export key statistics, posts, and comments Excel lists with bulk actions in the top-left corner
  • Click on a group to enter into its dashboard, view statistics and lists, export data, download reports …

In the hover menu, you can

  • View all the statistics of a group
  • Get the PPT report
  • Get the PDF report
  • Export all content in Excel
  • Launch history import
  • Delete a group