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Authorize Your Team to Publish a Post in Your Facebook Groups

Do you need to authorize your team to publish a post in your Facebook Groups?

Sometimes you may not have time to schedule your publications. Your team can help you.

Here is how you can

  • Share access with your team
  • Let your team publish a post

1. Share access with your team

First you need to share access to your Facebook Group with your team.

Once getting access, your team member(s) can manage your group(s) with you, without necessarily being groups admin(s). They can

  • view all the statistics of your group
  • download reports and archive data (posts, comments…)
  • use the Publishing Tool to schedule publications (up to 60 days)
  • track posts and links shared with the Publishing Tool to see links clicks number and distribution by country, language, operating system, and browser.

To see how to share access, you can read “How to Share Access to Your Facebook Group Data

2. Authorize your team to publish a post

After sharing access, you give the authorization to your team.

Your team member(s) can click “Publishing Tool”, and choose one of the groups of which they have the access. To use the Publishing Tool, your team member(s) need to be the group admin(s).

They can post in your Facebook group.

They can post for you by choosing you as poster in the “Posting as” list.

To learn more about the Publishing Tool, read the article “Efficient Facebook Groups Publication: Schedule, Manage, and Track“.

To see the clicks number of the links you shared in your Facebook Groups, you can read “How to Know How Many Clicks Get the Links You Shared in Your Facebook Groups“.

To learn more about “click insights” of posts published by the publishing tool, keep on reading “Engage Your Facebook Group by Language, Platform, Browser and Location”.