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How Many New Members Joined Your Facebook Groups on a Daily Basis

Do you know how many new members joined your group on a daily basis?

You need to know your new members number to understand the growth of your group, evaluate your promotion and recruiting strategy.

You need to know and engage them. Tagging them in a post to welcome them is a good way.

Here is how you can

1. Choose one group from the dashboard


2. View new members, their number, date added, profile on Facebook, and individual statistics


After selecting a group, click “Members” and “New members”.

Choose an updates date. See how many new members found. View new members.

Click the “profile” button in the “More info” column to see a new member’s profile on Facebook. Click the “statistics” button to view their individual statistics.

Use case:

  • Evaluate your group members growth, and your recruiting strategy based on the number of new members. Know and engage them.


  • Select different updates dates to see how many new members there have been in each update date.
  • View new members and their individual statistics to see if they have interacted in your group.
  • View their profile on Facebook to learn more about them.

3. Archive new members lists in Excel


After selecting a group, click “Members” and “New members”.

Choose an update date. Click “EXPORT THESE NEW MEMBERS” in the top right corner of the list to archive it in Excel.

Click “THE LAST 7 DAYS”, “THE LAST 15 DAYS” and “THE LAST 30 DAYS” to archive your new members lists of the last 7, 15 and 30 days.


  • Archive regularly new members lists of the last 7, 15 or 30 days. Tag them in a post to welcome them. You can ask them to introduce themselves, tell them more about your group, ask them a question… It is also a good occasion to inform your group members news about your group. Here is how to use new members lists to quickly “Tag in a Post All the New Members of Your Facebook Group“.
  • Share the archives with your members, team, and customers for reference and groups management.

Next steps:

See “«How To» Identify Your Facebook Group’s Most Active Members“. Archive their lists. Keep them on board and increase their engagement level.


See “How to Find Your Facebook Groups Inactive Members“. Archive their lists. Engage or remove them.


See “How to : Identify your former group members ? “. Archive their lists. You may contact them to learn about the reasons why they left and to improve your group.

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