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How Many Clicks Get the Links You Shared in Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to know how many clicks the links you shared in your group get?  By knowing the clicks numbers, you can know

  • how interesting your content is. Every time there is a click on your link, your post successfully engages once. The more clicks your posts get, the more effective your content is.
  • how much traffic your posts can generate from your group. When you post what matters to your group, every click your posts generate is qualified and contributes to the traffic and the conversion rate.

You can see how to see the number of clicks in this article.

1. Share a link with the Publishing Tool

To see how many clicks your links get, you need to publish first your links with the Publishing Tool.

The Publishing Tool lets you schedule your posts publication and publish your posts automatically in your groups at the time you want.

To see how to use the Publishing Tool, you can read “How to Schedule Your Posts Publication in Your Facebook Groups


2. See how many clicks your links get

From your dashboard, choose the group in which you have shared the links with the Publishing Tool.


Click “Posts & Comments” and “Posts published with Grytics” on the menu on the left side. Then you will see all your posts published with the Publishing Tool and the clicks numbers.

You can order your list by clicks. By doing this, you can see right away which posts get the most clicks.



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