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June 22nd, 2020

IFACI uses Grytics to identify its top users and to enhance skills as well as experience sharing among 5300 auditing experts.

by Grytics
The French Institute of Audit and Internal Control (IFACI) brings together more than 5300 professional experts specialised in auditing and internal control as well as all functions related to risk management.

Since March 2018, IFACI uses Workplace by Facebook so that its members can work in teams, share their best practices and ideas, and build a professional network. Thanks to Julie FAYE, and Nicolas JUNGBLUT, community managers and users of Grytics for Workplace by Facebook.

1- With Grytics, IFACI is rewarding its most engaged members and improving knowledge sharing among its entire community

In order to encourage members’ involvement within Workplace, the two community managers in charge of the IFACI network organized a social event for top ranking Workplace users.

Indeed, Grytics made it possible to identify around 40 finance specialists and to rank them on their overall interactions within Workplace (reactions on members’ posts, likes, comments, shares etc.).

The Wall of Fame ranking helped identify and highlight new experts within IFACI. The event that followed helped strengthen ties between members of the organization and fostered a sense of belonging to the same professional community.

The IFACI team explains that most of its power users are actually using Workplace to share and spread their knowledge and expertise within the community. In fact, this allowed them to reach the top of the ranking.

During the event, the IFACI team shortly presented Workplace Key metrics, such as best publications, top members, and top trends to name a few. Using Grytics data and leader boards allowed each and every participant to learn more about uses for the platform, highlighting that efficient knowledge sharing and communication within an organization or a professional network has countless benefits.

2- From Grytics to a viral internal video

To show their appreciation for their members, the community management team posted a video using their Workplace Wall of Fame provided by Grytics. Thanks to the solution’s export tools, members’ profile

pictures are fully integrated into the video they created. It used Grytics’ Top Members categories: most engaged, top commenters, most reactive and influencers.

The video has been shared with the whole organization and analysis of reactions to it showed that members expressed pride to be part of such a community, encouraging internal communication and communication among the whole IFACI network.

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