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How to Use Facebook Groups Member Request Settings

Do you know how to use Member Request Settings to manage your new members approval for your Facebook Groups? You can learn how to in this article.

You will learn

  • how to set up priorities like place they’ve lived, work and education
  • how to add questions for your pending members
  • how your pending members can answer your questions
  • how to invite your pending members to answer the questions

Note: not every group can set up priority or add question(s) for pending members yet.

1. How to find and manage Member Request Settings

From your group, click “…” button and “Manage Group”. Click “Member Requests” on the menu on the left side. Then click the setting button.


On the pop-up window, you can

  • Prioritize Requests or
  • Add questions

2. Set priority to sort through pending members

You can set up 3 priorities (place they’ve lived, work and education) to see if your pending member’s profile info matches the criteria you add.

Choose the priority you want to set up. Enter keywords and choose from the list the criteria. You can add several criteria for the same priority.

  • Add criteria

Here is an example for the priory “Places They’ve Lived”.


This is how it looks when you added the criteria for the place.


You can add criteria for “Work” and “Education” in the same way. Once you finish, don’t forget to click “Save”.

  • Sort through pending members by priority

After setting up the priorities, you can sort your pending members by priority to see all the members whose profile info matches the criteria you added.


3. Add questions for your pending members

You can also ask pending members questions to learn more about them. They’ll have up to 1 000 characters to answer each one, and only admins and moderators will see the answers.

  • Add a question

Click “Add a question” and write your question. When you finish, don’t forget to click “Save”.


You can modify, add or delete your question(s) anytime.

  • How pending members answer your question(s)

Once you added question(s), your pending members will receive a notification.


They can come to your group to answer your question(s).


After answering the questions, pending members can come back to edit their answers.

  • Sort through pending members by answered qustions and view their answer(s).


You can also ask pending members to answer your questions.

Note: not every group can set up priority or add question(s) for pending members.

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