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How to start using Grytics in 3 clicks

Grytics.com is able to give your group insights in a few clicks, to update them and to export them. We are going here to proceed through some basic operations. These are really important for you in order fully to enjoy the tool. Here is a sneak peek of some features:

1. Update your data

If you come back after a while on Grytics.com, you should first update your data to get the newest statistics.

     2. Define an analysis period  

Then the date scope is a really interesting criterion if you want to isolate milestones and see trends. It’s really easy to change it.

3. Export your data

In the end, one of the strengths of Grytics.com is to provide an export of your data in CSV and PPT files.



These three functions are just a little flavour of what Grytics.com can offer. Have a look and enjoy all the other features!