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« How to » generate and share a Wall of Fame

Grytics Wall of Fame is a useful tool to engage your Facebook groups members.

It is formed by your groups top members mosaic photos and a link towards a web page which displays your top members, and their statistics like engagement score, posts, comments…

You can share regularly the Wall of Fame in your groups to give honor and say thanks to your members. You can use it to hold theme activities and contests. You can share it to promote your groups.

Here is how you can

  • Choose one group
  • Generate the Wall of Fame
  • Get the mosaic collage, the link, and share it

1. Choose one group from the dashboard


2. Generate the Wall of Fame


After selecting a group, click “Engagement tools” and “Generate the Wall of Fame”.

You can exclude some members from the Wall of Fame of your group by typing their names, for example, your groups admins, moderators…

Click “Generate the Wall of Fame”.

3. Get the mosaic collage, the link, and share it


When the Wall of Fame is generated, click

  • “Download Your Mosaic” to get the mosaic collage
  • “Get the link of the complete Wall of Fame” to get the link
  • “Share it on Facebook” to share on your groups, your page, personal timeline…
  • “Publish in your group” to publish it with the Publishing Tool

Here is an example of the page of the Wall of Fame:


Here is an example when shared on Facebook:


To learn about how to build an awesome community with the Wall of Fame, you can read “3 Ways to Build an Awesome Facebook Group with the Wall of Fame“.


To find your group top members, you can read “How to find your Facebook Groups top members“.

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