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July 6, 2015

How to engage your Facebook Groups Members

by Grytics


What is the main goal of a group admin? Of course it is generating engagement and make members more active and involved in the group life. This tutorial shows how you can achieve it using Grytics.

1. Post at the right time

Animating your group is, of course, a great idea but don’t forget that your members are not always connected on Facebook. Grytics gives you analytics about posts repartition in Posts & Comments Stats section. For each hour, day and month, you can see how many posts have been posted.

But maybe more important data are under with the comments distribution. Like posts, you have how many comments relative to hour, day and month. And because engagement is very linked to comments, it is interesting to know when your group members are commenting.

Look for activity peak and use them wisely to post your interactive content during these times!

2. Wake up your inactive members

It is possible that some members in your group are inactive.

It can happen because they just joined your group to read feeds but not sharing ideas or because they don’t feel concerned by group’s content. Sometimes it can also be a peer pressure issue. Influencers and top posters are creating too much content than inactives are choking on. They prefer muting the group and just check feeds when they have time.

Grytics can help you with this point. You can find it on Members Statistics tabs. We divide inactive members into 4 categories:

3. Use the EGG

Grytics provides you a special statistic called the EGG (Engagement for Grytics Groups) and ranks members engagement. A member’s EGG is defined by:

Number of comments + 2*numbers of posts + number of likes.

A high EGG means that your member is very active and interact usually with posts from other members. You will find the Top 10 Engaged Members in the Key Statistics.

4. Conversation duration and response time

The duration of a conversation is a useful data to measure engagement if linked with response time. Indeed it shows if conversations inside your group last long or are just passing. Having long conversation means your members have interests for it and topic is relevant. However you have to link the duration of a conversation with its response time. In fact, having a long duration conversation can imply that people answered late because they didn’t see it or they had not much interest for it at first. The response time will help you to verify this by giving you the average time between each comment of the conversation. If response time is long and conversation duration is also long it means your conversation generates important engagement inside your group. On the opposite, a long conversation duration but long response time will generate a lower engagement level.

Do not forget that relevant content will generate engagement in your group. Besides do not hesitate to comment topics to encourage people to answer and share their ideas. Conversation will last longer and response time will be shorter.

5. Post interactive content

Posting only thoughts or questions is not always the best way to create engagement. You should try to diversify your content with more interactive types such as videos, photos or links. With the Posts and Comments Stats, you are able to see which kind of content is more posted. If you notice a dominant kind, it is maybe the time to try another one.

Remember that pertinent content will be rewarded by interactions and engagement represented by comments and likes. Group activity chat will give the part of comments, likes and posts in your group.

Notice that having a high comment percentage means that your group is a conversation place: your members take time to answer and share opinions. Likes are not the best criterion to describe engagement from your members.

6. Support your influencers

Your group influencers are the members who post the most appreciated content. On Grytics, each member has an influence score based on:

Number of likes + 2*number of comments on this member’s posts.

You will find the Top 20 Influencers in Members Statistics.

With this ranking, you are able to identify the members you can counting on. Because their posts are the most acclaimed, you have to encourage them to post interesting content.
Also be sure to thank them because they take time to animate your group as you are also trying to!

7. Use the Wall of Fame to make your members competing

The best way to stimulate people, and generate engagement, is rewarding them.

Grytics provides for every group the Wall of Fame. This page gathers all your group top influencers, top engaged members, top commenters and top contributors. They all have a score according to their individual performance. The Wall of Fame is sharable and we advise you to do it often. Use it to reward your top members for their engagement and activity. Besides they will compare their scores with others and try to be better for the next time.

How will they improve their performance? Well, they will post, comment and like more and more often. Activity and engagement will increase. And it will be the same for some other members not listed on the Wall of Fame: competition will motivate them to get the right to be on the Wall of Fame!

Increase you group activity by creating engagement is a really good way to transform your group into a real community in which members have a real dialogue. Use these advices to develop the engagement in your group!

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