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Create Your Facebook Groups Publication Calendar

Do you want to create a publication calendar for your Facebook groups?

With a calendar, you can schedule and publish your posts in your groups at the given time. You can easily view all the scheduled posts, the published posts and the publication time.

You can see how to create it in this article:

1. Schedule your posts publication with the Publishing Tool

To create a publication calendar, you need to schedule your posts with the Publishing Tool. You can schedule all kinds of posts, including texts, links, pictures and videos at any given time.

To learn about how to schedule your posts, you can read the article “How to Schedule Your Posts Publication in Your Facebook Groups“.

2. View your publication calendar

From your dashboard, click “Publishing Tool” on the menu on the left side.
View your scheduled posts and the publishing time for all your groups in the “To do” list.
You can view, edit or delete any scheduled posts.

3. View your publication history

You can view all the posts you have published in all your groups and the publishing time in the “Published” list.
You can view each post on Facebook.

To edit your scheduled posts, you can read the article “Edit Scheduled Posts for Your Facebook Groups“.

To see the clicks number of the links you shared in your Facebook Groups, you can read “How to Know How Many Clicks Get the Links You Shared in Your Facebook Groups“.

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