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How can Grytics help Tesla know their customers & fans ?

All brands have now invested the social networks. They have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and even a Google+ page ! But they still play defense : pushing their contents & ads and waiting for their community to react. Sometimes it is better to have a B plan (AirBnB new logo launch was not really a success story).

Maybe it’s better to focus on customers expectations and needs, before counting number of likes or retweets. With the help of Grytics, brands can now investigate and study socialmedia groups which gather people sharing a common passion, interest or goal.

We would like to show how rich and useful they are. They have an untapped potential that only waits for you. So let’s have a look to some communities of a famous electric car manufacturer. This is the first post of many that will show you how simple it is to extract value from your groups with our metrics.

We have selected a few Facebook groups of Tesla (wannabe) owners.


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Then with data provided by Grytics, we have shown them on this map:

tesla engagement

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  • Engagement measures how much people are interacting with each other
  • Activity shows how much they are willing to share.

It seems that Europe rules in terms of engagement and activity within groups. It would be a great idea to check what they are posting about the product… We will see that next time…