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Grytics weekly review (27 April, 2017)

If you have both a Facebook page and a group, now you can link them together in 3 steps.

The News UK-owned newspaper, The Times, has started a Facebook group dedicated to discussing Brexit topics, as part of plans to win over the future subscribers.

After comparing several community platforms with 7 criteria, Data Miner chose Facebook group for their community.


Do you have a Facebook business page and a Facebook group? Now you can join the two together officially. You can do it in 3 steps:

  • Find the Groups tab on your Facebook Page (this may not be available to all the pages yet)
  • Click on the arrow to openup the tab settings
  • Click on the “Link Group” or Create group’ button.



The Times has started a Facebook group dedicated to discussing Brexit topics, as part of plans to win over future subscribers. The News UK-owned newspaper began the group last month after noticing a steady increase in comments on Brexit-related articles on its own sites.

The group has a couple of housekeeping rules to keep the discussion clean: people should post original content, evidence is needed to back up claims, and users are reminded to keep things civil.

This is the first topic-specific Facebook group a News UK publication has started, but it’s likely to launch other groups in areas like fantasy football, from the expertise of its Dream Team journalists.



Data Miner was planning to launch its user community. After looking at a bunch of different options, they ended going with Facebook Groups. 7 criteria were used for the community platform benchmark:

  • must be easy to sign up for users
  • must allow some sort of moderating feature
  • must be easy to use
  • must be fit with our branding requirements
  • must be cheap (free if possible)
  • must be easy to promote
  • must be easy to setup

Keep reading to see which platforms they compared and why they chose Facebook group.