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Grytics weekly review (24 February, 2017)

Facebook Groups are great places to attract visitors and grow your website traffic.

Facebook Groups are helpful to get more reviews for your book.

Building communities online around different segments of your brand can help address different pain points within the overall market.

1. How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Website Traffic

Group Young Hipsters Friends Sitting Sofa Using Modern Gadgets.Business Startup Friendship Teamwork Concept.Creative People Working Together Marketing Project.Coworking Process Office Studio.Blurred

Facebook Groups are great to grow your website traffic.

Ryan Stewart from Moz’s experiment did a Facebook group experiment. It led to a whopping 6 000 organic visits to his site from his own Facebook group. eCommerce store Flaunt Boutique attributes 50% of Facebook sales to selling in Facebook groups.

You can apply 3 tips:

  • Finding Groups that Fit Your Store Niche
  • Guide to Connecting with a Facebook Group
  • Creating your own Facebook Group


2. Using Facebook Groups to Get More Book Reviews

use facebook groups to get more book reviews

There are Facebook groups for telling people about your new book, for announcing newly published, FREE book, offerings and 99cents sales, and also for purpose of sharing author and publishing information and asking for help. You can follow 3 tips to get more book reviews:

  • Finding and Joining Facebook Groups
  • Posting to Facebook Groups
  • How to Get Reviews


3. Five Tips for Building Online Communities Around Different Segments of Your Brand

li network

Marketers are familiar with market segmentation. Brand segmentation is a way marketers can take that concept even further.
Here are 5 steps to divide, conquer, and build communities online around different segments of your brand:

  • Build targeted personas
  • Determine which segments will deliver the best ROI potential
  • Segment with purpose
  • Segment for recruitment
  • Segment, but retain consistency


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