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Grytics Weekly Review. 18th of January 2015



Hi ,

Here are some articles we found interesting this week, so we would like to share them with you.

They are all related to the following topics: Social Media, Facebook and LinkedIn, the different uses of the groups and the way to monitor them through statistics and metrics.


The first one is related to Facebook at Work. The firm announced the release of this app dedicated to companies. That will let corporations build their own social network. One main issue, for us, is: will corporations and organizations let Facebook knows everything from them ?



The second is from lifehacker.com, and is all about Facebook Groups and how awesome they are. It describes how to use great functions such as Files, events and polls.

http://lifehacker.com/facebook-groups-are-underrated-heres-how-to-make-them-1660643691 by Eric Ravenscraft.


The last one is about LinkedIn Group Management and how to make them flourish. “As of this writing, we have 238,454 members, making ours the 37th largest among LinkedIn’s two million groups.”, that said we can trust the method:

  1. Entice Members
  2. Reinvigorate the Manager’s Choice
  3. Make It Easy For Users
  4. Engage Your Group Managers

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140806025452-94599-4-steps-linkedin-can-take-to-let-groups-flourish by Joe Hage.



Have a Great Week. Thank You!

Team Grytics.