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Grytics weekly review (17 February, 2017)

Do you use analytics for your Facebook Groups? Follow Pierce Social’s advices to improve your groups.

3 online shop owners share how Facebook Groups free their time and drive sales.

Joining Group is the easiest way to find people with like-minded interests. You can use 5 ways to find a group.

1. How To Get In Depth Facebook Group Analytics


For Pierce Social, a digital marketing company, Facebook Groups Analytics are essential for admins to get data as popular posts, active members, engagements… 3 tools help them get insights and engage members:

  • Top posts
  • Wall of Fame
  • Tons of Data


2. How a Facebook Group for Business can Save Time and Drive Sales


Have you considered starting a Facebook group for your customers? It can free your time and drive sales.

Here is how 3 real live business owners are using Facebook groups:

  • for community and customer service
  • as a customer VIP club
  • to drive interest in your products


3. Five Awesome Ways to Discover New Facebook Groups

5 ways to discover facebook groups

Finding a good Facebook Groups to connect with like-minded people is a bit difficult.

Follow 5 ways to find a group:

  • Learn to use Facebook Search
  • Browse Facebook’s Recommendations
  • Get the Facebook Groups App
  • Groups joined by friends with similar interests
  • Join local sale groups tp buy/sell/trade