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Grytics Timeline 2014 – 2017: a case of the Facebook group “Grytics Community”

Grytics Community is a closed Facebook group for users of Grytics, Facebook Groups Analytics and Management Tools.

Created in 2014 by Stéphane Baudin, CEO of Grytics, now the group has almost 2,000 members. Topics, articles, questions about social media analytics, groups and their use, webmarketing, community management are very welcome.

Admins publish posts regarding Grytics new features, updates, maintenance, use cases, tips, news… They also share content about Facebook Groups, social media, online marketing… Members share their groups, stories, how they use Grytics, ask questions and get help. This community is a great place to discuss about Facebook Groups, get feedback, connect with group admins…

Based on activities of the community, here is a timeline of Grytics and how Grytics can help you make your group timeline.

How to make your group timeline

  • Use the data of your group since you use Grytics, or since the inception if you have the full history

    Choose one group in the Groups dashboardMy groups. You can also get the full history of your group since the inception: click Get the history in the hover menu of one group

  • Categorize publications with tags

    Add tags to publications with the button in the ActionsPosts & CommentsPosts & Comments List

For example, we use the tag “Grytics News” for publications about

  • group activities like who has been made an admin, the new cover photo…
  • the release of new features of Grytics
  • events like the launch of new product, the partnership with other organizations, the participation in conferences…
  • behind the scenes

With the filter by tag, we get a list of publications of “Grytics News”.

  • Make your group timeline

    Based on the publications you have categorized with tags, make your group timeline. You can export the list of publications with a specific tag in My Tags, and share it with your members in your group.