Coca-Cola uses Grytics to improve sales
Use case
June 22nd, 2020

Grytics helps Coca-Cola’s commercial analysts work hand-in-hand with shop-owners to exchange insights and best practices that improve in-store sales

by Grytics

Since 2012, the Ho Chi Minh City based subsidiary of The Coca-Cola company, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd produces and sells beverages across the country. Since its creation Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam has always been a trusted partner and a major retailer in the country.

Thanks to Chien Bui Van - Safety Officer - and Ngo Hai Luan - Commercial Analyst - for sharing their best practices with Grytics for Workplace by Facebook.

1- Grytics helps Coca-Cola Vietnam make the most of Workplace from Meta


One of the key groups in Coca-Cola Vietnam’s Workplace by Facebook is fully dedicated to comparing best practices among Coca-Cola shop owners and locations.

Shop owners are encouraged to publish - on a weekly basis - pictures of Coca-Cola beverages display and merchandising in their shops. Dedicated team members and commercial analysts then use the pictures shared to give instructions and advice to shop owners.  When a store picture is posted on Workplace, commercial analysts also use Grytics to gather insights such as comments, reactions, shares, etc.

Pictures are all analysed and filtered out by engagement level, number of reactions, views, etc. The tool helps teams find out which pictures are popular and why, and how to leverage these cases to improve commercial best practices and increase sales.

Grytics also allows the team to rank and export a list of all the stores’ pictures, in order to identify which are the least engaged stores and resellers. Shop owners can then quickly be contacted, and actions can be taken to engage them which eventually led to optimize sales in some of these locations.

2- Using Grytics insights to identify new or seasonal trends and measure their impact on sales


Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam encourage their Workplace members (employees and shop owners) to use hashtags to qualify topics in a post. It helps readers quickly understand what the post is about, Grytics then allows real-time monitoring of those hashtags, so the analyst team can follow up with day to day commercial reality as well as the brand’s perception among shop owners.

By running deep analysis of posts and associated topics with Grytics, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam found out that some topics perform differently and are being discussed by different groups of Workplace users. This helped the company identify commercial opportunities that could be applied cross markets/regions, as well as recurring seasonal topics actually reflecting market trends. Today Coca-Cola Beverages keeps using Grytics to leverage the value shared by frontline employees and resellers in Workplace through in-depth and real time content analytics. Thanks to the exchange of best practices but also the identification of market trends, the business analysts team use Grytics along with Workplace to generate real impact on sales.

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