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Get Inspired with Facebook Groups Comments List

Do you want to get all your Facebook Groups Comments in one list?

You can see what you get in your Comments list and how you can use it in this article.

1. Get all your group comments data in one list

Once you download your group posts list, you can open it with Excel. Then you will see detailed information including:

  • Post ID, URL and post content
  • Comment ID and parent comment ID
  • Comment content, date and hour
  • Comments and likes counts for each comment
  • Group ID and name

2. Get inspired with comments list


Once you get your group comment lists, you can explore comments data by using Excel’s “Sort & Filter” function.

For example, you can find all the comments which come from the same post.

You can see how many comments there are in your group for a specific date. You can also see all the comments published on that date.

You can order your list by the counts of likes or comments’ comments. Then you can find the top liked comments and top commented comments.

By using Excel’s “Find & Select” function, you can make a topic or trend research. You can get all the comments which contain a specific word.

Meanwhile, once you download your list, you back up all your group comments. Even the group doesn’t exist anymore or somebody deletes some posts or comments, you still have them in your list.

You can use the list offline and share it with your team.


To see how to get your Facebook Groups Comments list, read the article “Get Your Facebook Groups Posts List and Comments List“.