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Get Facebook members stats back

we wanted to provide you, group admins and Grytics users, a way to get insights about your members.

Facebook now allows group members to opt-in to applications you’ve installed in your group.

The normal process is tricky and, well, not user friendly (have some fun here https://www.facebook.com/help/android-app/1967138829984927?helpref=platform_switcher&ref=platform_switcher)

So we’ve decided to provide you with a simple link to share with your group members : https://grytics.com/facebook-optin/
so you can get analytics for the ones who agree to opt-in.

From there, they just have to click on opt-in and choose on which group they want to opt-in.

If they want to opt-out afterwards, they just have to follow the guidelines on the page or go to the app dashboard on their Facebook account.

Note: the change on Grytics is not fully retroactive once the member has opted in (going back on the content in the last 72 hours). If you want it to be fully retroactive, please contact the support.

What kind of incentives can you give to your members to opt in ?
Be a part of the community through the wall of fame you can generate on Grytics.
Also, if you organise some kind of competition within the community, the opt-in can be mandatory in order to validate their participation.
Help the admin to manage and improve the group engagement.

Thanks a lot.
The Grytics team