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Get Your Facebook Groups PDF Reports

Do you need to archive in reports your Facebook groups statistics, top posts …?

Do you need to present the performance to your group, team, and customers?

You can download your Facebook groups reports each week, each month and according to your community management needs. In one PDF file, you can view your group key metrics, like engagement score, activity score … You can see how your group has been doing, which posts have been more engaging …

With PDF reports, you can archive your groups statistics and insights in the executive summary and in a report for a period like a month, a quarter, an academic semester, a promotion … You can use them for your groups management. You can present and share them with your group, team, and customers.

Here is how you can

Get Your Report

In the Groups dashboardMy groups, click the button “Get the PDF” in the menu below the name of a group to generate your report.

Get Your Executive Summary

After selecting a group in the Groups dashboardMy groups, in the OverviewExecutive Summary, click and select between dayweekmonth and quarter in the top right corner. Click the date next to “Change reference date” to choose a reference date. Click Exports to generate your executive summary.