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Get Facebook Groups Data for the Period You Need

Do you want to get your Facebook Groups data for the period you need?

There are different plans and history products in Grytics for you.

You can see the time range of data in the timeline:

For subscription plans, you will get data since the day you subscribe and

  • of the last 30 days, if your plan is premium
  • of the last 90 days, if your plan is pro or entreprise

For history products, you can get data (update anytime after the purchase)

  • of the last 12 months
  • since your group inception

How to get group data for all the time in the past and future?

You can purchase the history product of 99$ and subscribe to a plan (premium, pro or enterprise).

To learn more about history products and subscription plans, purchase and subscribe, you can visit the pricing page.

To see how to get your group history data in Grytics, you can read the article “How to Get Your Facebook Group History Data“.