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Follow Up in One Place All the Posts You Have Published in Your Facebook Groups

Sharing information and resources with your Facebook Groups is part of your  admin job.

You may have published a post explaining what your group is about, what content can be posted… You may have shared news, tips, studies, cases etc. for inspiration and discussion. You may have organized activities like contests, post threads for introduction and promotion… You may have published an announce or advertisement for your sponsors. You may have asked a question for help and feedback…

All the posting activities help you engage your group. But you may lose opportunities and important messages if you just publish posts and never follow up. You need to check your posts and keep the conversation going. You need to find out how many clicks on the links you have shared and see which topics matter to your group…

Managing in one place all the posts you have published makes your follow-up job easier. You don’t need to scroll down and look for a post in the newsfeed, especially when there has been a while.

Here is how you can do it:

1. Publish posts with the Publishing Tool

Click “Publishting Tool”. Select a group.

Write your post. Share a link. Add a photo or a video.

Click “Publish”. You can publish it now, schedule it for later at a given time or at the best time. The best time is the day and hour when there are the most activities according to statistics. You can see it in “Best time to post” and click “Show more details” to view statistics.

You can view all your scheduled posts in the “to do” list of “Posts History”. You can click the “edit” button to modify and reschedule a post.

2. View all your publications

From the dashboard, choose one group in which you have published posts with the Publishing Tool.

Click “Posts & Comments” and “Posts published with Grytics”.

View all the posts you have published with the Publishing Tool. Click on a post to view it on Facebook.

You can view their type, published date, and clicks number of the link shared in your post.

You can click the button in the top-right corner to organize posts by publishing date and clicks count.

You can see how many posts have been published.

If you have shared access to a team member who is an admin of your group, they can use the Publishing Tool to publish and schedule posts. To learn more about team members delegation, you can read “Share Access to Your Facebook Groups Data with Team Members“.

3. View links clicks insights

From the dashboard, choose one group in which you have published posts with the Publishing Tool.

Click “Posts & Comments” and “Posts published with Grytics”.

Click “click insights”.

View statistics of click locale, user platform, and browser.

View the world map of the clicks.

View the country distribution of the clicks.

Click the icon in the top-right corner of a chart to print and download it.