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How to Find Your Facebook Groups Inactive Members

Do you want to know how many members are inactive in your Facebook Groups?

Inactive members don’t post, react or comment in your groups. To engage them, you need to know first who they are.

You can see how to find your group inactive members and get their list in this article.

1. From your dashboard, choose one of your Facebook Groups.


2. Click “Members” and then “Members Statistics” on the menu on the left side.


Scroll down and you will see the percentage of your group non publishers, non commenters, non reacters and the number of inactive members. For example, from the figure below, you can see that

  • 77.2% of your members are non publishers (who don’t post).
  • 46.25% of your members are non commenters (who don’t comment).
  • 23.92% of your members are non reacters (who don’t react).
  • 3 087 members are inactive. They don’t post, comment or react.


You can click “EXPORT THEM” to get the list in Excel. In the lists, you will get their Facebook id, name, link, picture link and engagement metrics.

3. Get your groups inactive members list for the last 7, 15, 30 days or since you use Grytics

Click “Engagement tools” and “Engage the members”. Then you can export your group inactive members lists for the last 7, 15, 30 days or since you use Grytics.



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