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How to Find Your Facebook Groups Top Members

Do you want to know who are your Facebook Group top members: who post the most? who comment the most? who are your group influencers?

You can see how in this article.

1. From your dashboard, choose one of your groups.


2. Find top members with “Members Statistics”

From the menu on the left side, click “Members” then click “Members Statistics”.

members statistics 01

Scroll down and you will see your group “top reacters”, “top commenters”, “top engaged”, “top posters” and “top influencer”.


You can view their Facebook profile and engagement metrics. You can export their photos mosaic to share it in your group, page, timeline… or use it for your report and presentation.


To see how to engage your Facebook Groups members with the Wall of Fame, read the article “How to Generate and Share a Wall of Fame“.

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