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Facebook Marketing Mistakes and Hacks, Unhappy Customers, Tools and Tips.

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid by Jeff Bullas

Discover in this article what are the biggest mistakes you can commit in Marketing while using Social Media to engage audience. Here is the Top 5 Facebook misstep:

  1. Too much promotion
  2. You’re focused only on “Likes”
  3. Incomplete information on your brand page
  4. Too many words
  5. Out of context posts

Any mistakes to avoid suggestion?

Dealing with Unhappy Customers: What Social Marketers Need to Know by Michael Stelzner

While having a Social Media Marketing Strategy, you need to know that one day, you will have to face unhappy customers. Discover in this article information and advices to turn your upset customers into happy fans.

Have you got any advice to face unhappy customer ?

23 Tools and Tips for Social Media Marketers by Michael Stelzner

Discover 23 tools and tips which can be useful to your Social Media Marketing Business: from extensions to apps passing by website tools and tips, discover what tools can help you in your everyday strategy. Here are some of them:

#1: BuzzSumo Chrome Extension, #2: Scannable by Evernote, #3: SumoRank, #4: Reverse Image Search on Google etc …

Have you got one tool or tip than you can’t avoid using? What’s your favorite Social Media Marketing tool or app?

6 Facebook Hacks for Your Brand to Try by Kevin Shively

Discover 6 Facebook tips for Marketing that you might not have considered while making your Facebook Marketing Strategy and make your brand stand out:

  1. Optimize for Facebook’s Brand New Card Feature
  2. Assume Audio Is Off
  3. Don’t Sleep on Events
  4. Use a CTA
  5. Use Offers
  6. Facebook Remarketing

Were those hacks helpful to you to build your Facebook Marketing Strategy? Any other hack to advise us on?